Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why can some guys not commit to plans?

He makes the plans, gives me a time frame, the time passes, I ask what the heck is up and he cancels them. yet the day before he was saying how much he missed me and just wanted to hold me in his arms and what not. there's lots of little components to this but its happened with plenty of guys I've either had a thing/been with or just guy friends.

basically... whats the deal guys?Why can some guys not commit to plans?
When guys get older (as in OLDER, in their mid 30s) they tend to remember - or make events in their relationships more important. I vowed to myself about 5 years ago NOT to date someone my age - but rather, someone at least 7 or 8 years older than me. A lot of older men will be more involved in their relationships because they have finally realized that there are things in life that have meaning. Some men need to feel that remembering events or committing to a plan is part of something bigger in the relationship.

And to be honest, these guys your dealing with know that you'll stick with them as friends ect., so they can see you're not really hurt by their dismissive behaviours. If being with you and seeing you is that important, they will not forget or put your plans on the back burner.

While some people literally are capable of forgetting, period, it shouldn't be something that they forget within a week. That's just being careless and insensitive.

When you progress in your relationships with men, over time you will see that the mature they are, the more they will look forward to seeing you and whatnot - and commit to those plans regularly.

Good luck!Why can some guys not commit to plans?
guys are forgetful, thats basically it.

my bf forgot we had plans for halloween and made plans to fly over to see his best friend who moved away for college.

i was absolutely pissed becaus he forgets everything he plans on doing so i told him that its his choice to be forgetful because he can put things on a calender, where he puts his hw assignments or on post it notes.

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