Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Male cat owners-How do you guys deal with ';sex with your cat'; humor?

I get this alot from people who know I have a cat. It boggles my mind that they think its funny to make these off color jokes. Why wouldnt they think she was like my kid and ';not go there'; with this off color humor? Do guys think about sex with cats alot?Male cat owners-How do you guys deal with ';sex with your cat'; humor?
I think you need to find a new circle of friends.

ETA - On a serious note... it's generally one of two things that causes people to say things like you're referencing. Insecurity or immaturity. Either they're trying to make themselves feel better or somehow come across as ';funny'; or they haven't mentally progressed beyond grade school. Seriously, your roommate is a douchebag. He'll feel pretty stupid some day when he realizes that many women think it's hot when a guy has a cat as a pet.Male cat owners-How do you guys deal with ';sex with your cat'; humor?
What in gods name are you talking about. Actually, not sure I want to know.
Very strange. It doesn't sound like these guys making the jokes think a lot, period. Maybe you need new friends.
It's purrfectly awful...
Uhm.... I've never heard such a joke before in my life. I think your friends need some help.

ADD: ahh I get it now.

All my friends either like cats, or respect that I like cats... so don't make those kind of off color jokes.

my boyfriend makes jokes to me about my cats all the time.. just ignore it.. i usually just laugh, although it is weird
I really don't think those kind of jokes are normal.... maybe they are just trying to bust on you and get a reaction? I don't know but the next time one of them makes a joke or comment you should speak up and tell them that it really offends you. Either that or maybe start hanging out with more mature friends! Good Luck!
I've never heard anyone give male cat owners a hard time like that. Maybe it's something about you that elicits such comments. Or maybe you just have some immature friends?

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