Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guys? If he likes me, how come he never calls/messages me?

Ok so there's this guy I was flirting with heaps a few months back, but after a while I realized he never messages or calls me on his own accord. He's always real happy to talk when I contact him, but I always have to make the first move. One day I decided, I'm not gonna contact him anymore, if he wants to talk to me, he has to contact me. Pretty much, he didn't... and that was it, we didn't talk for about 3 months. I forgot about him.

Then a few weeks ago I was out one night and he was there, we hit it off, we went home together, and he was saying stuff like.

';What happened to you I had the biggest crush on you and then you just disappeared?';

I replied ';Well you didn't ever contact me so I just figured you didn't like me';

Him ';Oh don't be like that that, it was YOU that was the one that went quiet all of a sudden';

Anyway, I couldn't be bothered arguing the fact any longer, but if he liked me so much, why did he just let me slip away and not even bother contacting me. What is this fear of making first contact or something? WTF?

Anyway, I messaged him that week and he replied and asked if he could take me on a date, pretty much we've been seeing each other since but like before, HE WILL NEVER MESSAGE ME UNLESS ITS IN REPLY TO A TEXT I'VE SENT HIM.

So whats the deal, guys? Do you do this? Know any friends that do this? Everything else points towards him liking me but I just can't get over the fact that he wont call me. I haven't contacted him for a few days now in an effort to try and force him to contact me, no dice?

People please? In confused and puzzled? What do you think?Guys? If he likes me, how come he never calls/messages me?
I have the same problem! This guy supposedly really, REALLY likes me but he NEVER texts me/ calls me first. I started doing it first (i'm usually one to wait for ppl to talk to me first!) cos I thought maybe he was shy or something.

I don't know why guys do that.. maybe it's an ego thing? I know my guy just really doesn't like texting in general, even though I thought i'd be kind of an exception.

Basically though, he flat out said he liked you. Maybe say something about how you're doing all the work here? I DO think he likes you, boys are just weird and confusing like that : )Guys? If he likes me, how come he never calls/messages me?
hello i relate on your situation because we are the same situation, you know what i did? i erase his number because i cannot control myself on texting he texted me then i did not reply so he feel what i felt too.just let him feel his not only the guy on this universe haha
If you want guys to answer, you have to start writing so much. Go straight to the point and keep it short.

He might be afraid to call you or maybe just nervous. make the move yourself, Call him

Best of luck
i hardly ever initiate texts or phone calls but if i liked the chick heaps i would so i dunno whats wrong with him unless he thinks he's king ****
ask your self this question? when you call him or message him or even txt him does he reply right after are does it take some time. If it takes awhile he might have a g/f. So when you call or do any of the above he gets away so he can do the same.

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