Monday, August 16, 2010

What is this guys deal??

I have been talking to a great guy since February. Infact, we met on Valentine's day. He is a highly successful entreprenuer, 27 years of age. We were first intimate in May, and it was only once. I really like him and I was falling in love with him, but it crushed me when he said we were just friends and he has no time for a girlfriend. He recently asked me if I loved him. How can I love someone I am not even dating?? He said he is to busy for dating since he is always on the road. Which is true. I care for him, he says I am his ';boo';. I love talking to him and everything. We always talk on the phone. But what is this guys deal?What is this guys deal??
I believe he is trying to find where in his hectic life he can put you. Tell him you will be his gf on whatever limited basis he can provide. This might make it easier for him to make some type of commitment.

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