Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do you guys deal with a know it all ignorant sister in law that comments on stuff she knows nothing about?

she has realy irked me, and now.....i have no idea what to do...she has married into the same family i have, so it's like sister in law twice removed....wanna tell her to kiss me where the sun don't shine...kinda already did in an what? she's a know it all 23 year old (i'm 39).....ready to take it to the next level, but she threw her insults and threats and then dis-connected completely, like a scared lil i leave it be, or look her up tomorrow? i am mad as hell....she is talking crap she knows nothing about...i need advice NOW before i hurt someone.....thankfully she is 800 miles away....How do you guys deal with a know it all ignorant sister in law that comments on stuff she knows nothing about?
You are 39 and she is 23? Why are you letting this ';little girl'; upset you? At your age, you should be more secure and not let things get you as upset as they apparently are. Also, you did not give details as to what it is she is saying or doing that is causing you so much upset. Perhaps with more details, better advice can be received.How do you guys deal with a know it all ignorant sister in law that comments on stuff she knows nothing about?
Just ignore her. You cant control other people.
Sounds like she won this round, and letting you simmer for a while seems to be working for her even more.
if she lives 800 miles away what kind of comments do you have to endure? you are an adult, she is still acting childish so you be the adult
I'd just ignore her. If what she says really is just a load of crap, then you don't really need to pay attention to her.

Just give her curt replies and maybe 10% of your attention. She'll stop talking to you eventually.
She is likely to never go away as this type is like that. You have to learn to listen to her without hearing anything. Nod and smile nod and smile and get thru it.
well since she is 800 miles away i would try my hardest to ignore her..hey you could be living with yours like me ..i know it is extremely hard at times to bite your tongue but it will be better for all in the long run...and hey 23 ain't such and immature age lol

what is up with people knocking on 23 year olds
I think you have every right to be angry with her. Sounds like someone needs to tell her that she needs to think before she speaks. You might want to cool down over night or for a few days and then e-mail her again, or call her up and tell her how you feel. I don't think you should have to back down from the way you are feeling, I just think that sometimes when you wait and have a little bit of time perspectives can alter a bit. Good luck to you! Hey at least she lives 800 miles away!
Mel? well, it's the best revenge....take the high road and act like the better person you most likely are!
Hate to say it; but looks like she doesn't want to play your games. For a 39yr old you seem to be pretty immature, she is 23 and has decided to be the better person by letting it go. Maybe she does know it all and it seems to bother you. You two are going to be stuck together for the rest of your lives; might as well try to get along. So if I were you I would try to make peace with her and apologize for the way that you are acting. If she's 800 miles away what difference does it make anyway?
OMG! she sounds just like my sister in-law. i just ignore her. she's just runs her mouth about everything and everyone. i either wait until she is done or I'll just talk over her. your lucky yours is so far away. i envy you. be the better person. let it slide, until the next time you SEE her. then just talk to her. don't yell. it will make you look like the jerk instead of her. good luck.

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