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How do guys deal with peeing?

im just soo confused and ive always been curious. please dont take this the wrong way. im just curious.

how do you do it? i mean, seriously. i know you have to take it out, but its weird to me that you have to..hold it. and what do you do if theres other guys there? they see your thing? i couldnt imagine me going to the bathroom in the open without some kind of wall. we were talking about it with my friends and this guy said that you dont want to be in the bathroom with this one teacher cuz he watches you... isnt it awkward for you guys to just stand there with your thing showing to the world and peeing?How do guys deal with peeing?
Sort of awkward, sometimes. It depends on where you are and possibly who else is in there. Some urinals are separated by walls (about 2' wide by 5' tall) but some have no walls at all. However, urinals usually have some sort of side walls that you can kind of ';step into';. Not much, but enough.

The basic rule of thumb when there are no walls is to look up, down, or straight ahead. Man Rule #1 is to NEVER look to your side when using a urinal. Some people get paranoid about that, so it's best to avoid it all together. As a result of this Man Rule, you have to assume that no one will look your way either.

Man Rule #2 is to not make eye contact in a men's room. Especially if you don't know the person. Creepy much?

Man Rule #3: Don't talk to anyone in the restroom, especially when doing business!

Man Rule #4: Skip-A-Urinal. Use one as far away as possible, but in the very least, use an unoccupied urinal as a ';space cushion';. The only time it is acceptable to ignore this Rule is if extreme overcrowding is an issue. Think of it as parking your car. You don't really want to be right next to another car in a dangerous parking lot, do you?

It makes it easier that everyone else is in there for the same reason.

In general, it's not so ';out in the open';. You don't have to take 'it' out till you're right up to the urinal, and you can shield ';yourself'; with your hand if someone is beside you.

Then ya finish and put it back before backing away from ';it';. (I feel like I've said ';urinal'; too much in this answer, lol).

Oh, but that's nothing compared to some larger-venue public restrooms! At some sporting/concert facilities everyone basically pees in a trough. Now there's ';out in the open';! I don't use those. In fact, I use the stall whenever possible in any restroom.How do guys deal with peeing?
Wow. I thought that was pretty self explanatory. How old are you?
thats weird... there should be like stalls around the urinals without a back or something..

but im a girl so i cant answer your questoin....= /

maybe cuz their just guys? lol..
hahahaha wow..ok...
They got balls.
woooowwwww. are you harassing me?
You whip it out, hold it in your hand, and let it flow like a waterfall. It's a nice and refreshing feeling. And honestly, guys don't generally look at one anothers dilly dork unless there, ya you know. Just keep your eyes to yourself
That's why I use them when no one is around.
hahahah im not a boy but i think theyre just not so sensitive and emarrassed and all that stuff for them theyre guys, they dont really care ;p
Well I guess a motto is just kinda like ';well everyone has the same thing so, big whoop'; Plus no one wants to look really. And if there seen looking, they'll be considered gay lol. And everyone just looks straight forward. It's actually not a big deal when you grow up with it.
Well, touching their penis isnt a problem because they are used to it.

The guys I know who dont like urinating in the open though just use a stall instead of the urinal. The school HAS to have stalls with doors, you cant have a bowel movement in a urinal.
there is a sort of treaty with guys. if i dont look at yours you dont look at mine
Well, when you're in a public bathroom peeing, you're not looking around at other people, so it's not something I worry about. It's nice not having to sit down in a still every time, but I do like having barriers between urinals.
There is no flailing and or swining about of the penis, take out, shelter with hands, relax, pee, return to original placement, Zip, and go, not awkward at all, unless you arnt faceing the wall!!!! no one really sees anything!
normally men profusely ignore each other while peeing, plus try to hide it if possible, by standing close to the urinal and/or hand blocking view. Men also choose urinals far apart as possible if possible.

men who cannot tolerate to pee in a urinal like a man, and need a stall with a bowl, I guess consider urinal pee-ers too tempting to be around, so they have to go in a stall like a girl.
Hi my name is Gabe and instead of logging in, I just kicked my friend out of her chair so I can answer.

Honestly, I'm a little shy, but have come to realize that other guys don't care about you, your size, or what you're doing. They just have to go. It only gets awkward if you're starring at someone's thing if they are going. (which I don't. I respect their privacy and keep within my boundaries).

For the record, I am gay. And no, even if there is a gay guy in the room, he's not gonna stare at you. (or at least I don't).
if you do it correctly, it wont show and usually the unstated rules in the bathrom: no looking unless, ......yeah, and if not a lot of people, people usually take every other one except when it is super crowed like a sports game (i bet you know how crowded that gets...ahaha)

oh yeah, if you wonder is a funny link (also has the women's side for the guys who see this, it is pretty funny)
it can be especially if you are shy. but if some guy is staring at your smack thats really awkward. but yea its not anything any other guy doesnt have so idk why anyone would care cuz its all the same
well dude or girl

i'm a girl and i think you need to hold it because you will make a big mess of pee if you don't.

The first rule is eyes forward.

That takes care of it.

This is really an odd question.

Good luck with your quest for knowledge.
Step one:

Choose the urinal that's farthest away from the other dude.

If there are three urinals, the first dude chooses one of the ones on the end. The second dude chooses the other end. The third dude gets stuck with the middle.

Step two:

Unzip and pee.

Step three:

Jiggle and Shake. Zip pants back up. (Carefully.)

Step four:

Wash hands.

Step five:

Get on with your day.

I have never looked at another man's privates. Most of us are not as curious as you women are.
wow idk
Girls are more private. To me, guys seem more okay about that sort of thing.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a cute, inquisitive mind you have. Starting to notice things, are you? Are you blushing, young lady?
Phil G has got it right.

It's not a big thing its just natural.
EW I was reading some of the answers and it reminded me of my guyfriend... And then i remembered the subject..

-mental picture-

-shoves thought out of mind-

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