Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you guys (Americans) deal with illegal immigration?

In France, we have illegal immigrants staying in public squares or empty buildings and basically black-mailling the governement, by doing hunger strikes, to get their visas. Do you guys encounter same situations? If so, how do deal with it?How do you guys (Americans) deal with illegal immigration?
We have similar problems here. We have a government that won't do anything about it. I believe that there are forces at work around the globe that want to form a single world government. I think the elite in our countries don't care if their derrieres are being wiped by an American or a Frenchman or anyone else. They only care to have their derrieres wiped as cheaply as possible.

Here in the US we have a President who is constantly warning us of the threat of terrorism and telling us that we are at war. But he hasn't done anything to close the borders. I don't know about you, but sealing the borders in a time of war is a no brain er to me.How do you guys (Americans) deal with illegal immigration?
I think the French knew long before the American people that George Bush is an idiot. We are dealing with illegal immigration by opening up our borders and sending our military half way around the world to get entangled in a pointless war in the middle east.
We pay them to do nothing, except break the law.
we don't
It's not exactly the same here. There was a mass protest within the past year...latinos (immigrant or not, legal or not) were asked to stay home from work and participate in marches in their local areas. A lot of people turned out, it was a media spectacle but I'm not sure much else happened.

IllegaliImmigration is a big topic and always have been. People can be detained in jails and/or deported to their home countries. Despite this, there are still a large number of people (probably millions) in this country illegally.

It's interesting to note that the focus here is on illegal hispanic immigrants...there's very little talk about the large number of illegal european immigrants! In the 80's there were thought to be over 250,000 illegals from western Europe!
We deal with it by having our government talk about it a lot.

It's very effective. What they say gets reported in the papers, and either citizens or illegals get upset about it, then that gets reported in the papers, and then they talk about it some more.

It's worked for the politicians for forty years now, so I don't see them changing the strategy.
We have been total push overs here concerning illegals. That however, is changing slowly.
We give the illegals free housing, free food stamps, free medical care, and free education. They pay no taxes, no car insurance, etc. They get everything Americans don't get. No wonder U.S. taxpayers are pissed off.
They blackmail us also.

Whats worse in America, is we have something called Birthright Citizenship... (Anchor Babies).

All a illegal needs to do is give birth in america, and the baby becomes an american citizen immediately. This then gives the mother political leverage and simpathy to stay.

Illegal immigrants can also collect social security benefits much sooner than americans, after paying in nothing. They can also go back to mexico, and keep recieving social security checks, sent right to them. (this is a loophole)

I know in France, your problem is Muslims. Here is it illegal mexican immigrants who come here and have 6 or 7 children.

America spends a estimated 600 Billion dollars on welfare each year. THats over $5,000 a year each taxpayer throws to the bums addicts and illegals.

They are destroying the culture and language of southern america, and are erasing the southern borders.

The american prison system is a estimated 35% illegal mexican aliens, many who are repeat offenders.

Its nothing short of a passive takeover.
Mostly we fight about how to deal with it. We have a very small but very loud group of Americans who want to give them amnesty even though they are breaking the law, Corporate America wants to hire them and pay them slave wages and put other Americans out of work, and then there is the rest of us who want our borders closed and for people who are here illegally to either get legal or get out.

Meanwhile during this fight we give them benefits (in many cases), provide healthcare, educate their young and watch wages drop because of there very presence in the work force. I assure you that France is doing a better job handling them than we here in the United States....
we do not a undocumented problem.

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