Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do you deal with THE SILENT TREATMENT?

a very close guy friend(who i was starting to fall for) of mines stoped talking to me completely two weeks ago and i dont know why..he is givin me the silent treatment and its eating me inside! this is someone who is always eager to talk to me.. i've tried getting in contact about 4 times but then stoped..i might run into him on sunday and idk how to confront hurts that he is doing tell me how do u guys deal with this?How do you deal with THE SILENT TREATMENT?
Somtimes to give them the silent treatment they will realize how it feels, and they will talk then just ask what is wrongHow do you deal with THE SILENT TREATMENT?
He might just be having trouble with his phone or computer. So don't assume he's ignoring you yet. Try talking to him in person.

If he is still ignoring you then he's not worth your time. It's incredibly immature for a 21 year old to act that way.
reverse physiology... it always works. start giving him the silent treatment... guys hate that
well if you don't know why he's giving you the silent treatment, then confront him

ask him why it is...and tell hiim it's getting really annoying

if he still doesn't talk to you, flip him off and be done with it

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