Saturday, August 21, 2010

How can I deal with guys who try to be Alpha males?

I live in a dorm and there are some guys I know who always try to act like Aplha males - dominating the conversation, preventing others from talking, always trying to catch ppl's attention and get others to listen to them, etc. It is so annoying and I feel quite inferior near these ppl, I hate it and I want to do something to put them in their place.How can I deal with guys who try to be Alpha males?
You don't have to hang out with that crowd. Making lots of acquaintances is much better than having your little group of friends. This way you are popular but you don't get any of the drama BS that comes with friendships.How can I deal with guys who try to be Alpha males?
why bother they don't know everything and sooner or later the bottom falls out from under them you just don't want to be close when that them no mine and do your thing.
well, it is cos u feel inferior. i suggest u be superior at least in smth - go to gym and pump muscles, read books and outsmart them, get the prettiest girl on cumpus - do not be inferior. and u can't put them on their place - they will think u just envy them and might even start bullying u
The best way to deal with guys who try to be Alpha males is to ignore them; unless, of course you are a meer cat, a baboon, a hyena, or another lower animal specie; then, of course, you must fight for your place in the ';pecking'; order.

Unless you are willing to place yourself in a position to physically or verbally battle with the ';guys'; who are always talking and dominating the conversation in your dorm, your only choice is to just leave any gathering where this is taking place. Walk out. Don't feel inferior to a ';braggart';.
Try being the alpha male yourself, like talk before they do, don't listen to them when they start talking ,and catch their attention before they catch yours.But be nice about it.
just don't listen what every they do or say and if they get your business just do what you like to do to them

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