Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to deal with a 3rd person in our business relationship.?

A friend of mine and I have very complementary experience and, over time, we realized that we had the potential to form a great consulting partnership. We've been spending a fair bit of time developing the business plan, etc. She has been handling a lot of the technical side, I have the contacts and have been laying the groundwork for marketing, etc. The response has been very enthusiastic.

My friend had a long-term relationship end about 3 weeks ago and has met a new guy. They have now, apparently, gone away from the weekend and I heard from her saying that she's been telling her new friend about her business plan and thinks we should bring him in as well. The whole point of the business was to capitalize on our experience - he has none. I can't help but feel that she's being driven by her libido, rather than business sense. On the one hand, being a relatively hard-headed and successful business person, I'm ready to pull the plug but, in doing so, I'm left with egg on my face because of all of the people who are enthusiastic about the project and who expect it to come to fruition. At the same time, things can't proceed without her experience.

I think the reality is that the business relationship (and likely the friendship) have to end. Any thoughts?How to deal with a 3rd person in our business relationship.?
I would pull out, when a Partner is driven by Her's libido, you can get the bad end of the stick you know where. Your Wallet (so everyone thinking I was going to say something nasty, shame on you!)!

Besides People that work together and become Friend's it can change thing's if something Happens in Her Case.

Don't make the mistake and walk the hot coals....

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