Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is the deal guy i just dont know?

ok so i have this guy i have been friends with for like four years. so he and i had not gotten to talk to much since i got out of high school and then one time we talked a while back and he was different more like flirty in a i dont know dirty way a little and i thought he was kidding. so then this past week i missed him so sent him a text and he said he wanted the same thing and i thought he was kidding so i asked him a few more questions and he said that he has always wanted to see it and when i asked what he said everything. i dont get what he wants does he just want to see me, well all of me or is there something he isnt telling me. im not sure how he feels about me, maybe i could get some answers. thanks for listening and for the help.What is the deal guy i just dont know?
If he is interested in getting to know all of you, literally and figuratively, he will let you know. Don't go chasing his ***.What is the deal guy i just dont know?
oh my god obviously he wants ***. and you sort of kind of led him on to believe u wanted it to.
Ignore him he is a pervert.
sorry i don't get the thingy u sayin//////////1
He just wants to seeall of you just forget he excists
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