Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do you deal with overly dramatic people?

I am in college, and some of the people there just SERIOUSLY act like we are in high school and just bring up the stupidist unnessacary drama! My ex-best friend aren't on good terms, we haven't talked for about 2 months, out of nowhere, she sends me this incredibly mean message just to start drama!

I'm SICK OF IT! I'm happy with my friends and my family and my life, I just want these overly dramatic people out of my life!

How do you guys deal? Let me know.How do you deal with overly dramatic people?
Drama is like an argument; it needs co-operation of the people around it to exist.

If you ignore this person's attempt at drama, it will never become drama at all; instead, it will just be her putting on a sad, pathetic little show that no one wants to watch.

ps - stay away from the funyuns.How do you deal with overly dramatic people?
try to stay away from those people and another way to deal with it is to be dramatic back and see how they like it:)
Smack them. HARD.
As you have discovered, sometimes we grow away from our friends. Some people grow and mature; others do not.

If someone tries to engage you in a situation you don't want to deal with, just ignore them. There is nothing that says you need to respond to a mean and virulent letter. Your friend can try to stir up crap all she wants, but YOU choose how to respond to it.

Eventually, when they see you won't participate in that behavior, they go away. Good luck!

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