Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to deal with a 'pickup artist'?

Does anyone know of a website of any kind that shows women how to deal with guys that are 'pickup artists'? How can you deflect his game once you pick up on it so you don't become manipulated?How to deal with a 'pickup artist'?
If you suspect the guy you are talking to is only in it for the game, the best thing to do when he makes his offer is say no. What more do you need?How to deal with a 'pickup artist'?
Hahaha why? That's lame of you. He is not hypnotizing you or anything, all it is is they change their personality to become more appealing, sort of like a guy acting like a 'bad boy' and girls get naturally attracted to the person, it's not like it's a false attraction.

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