Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do guys deal with heartbreak?

guys, what do you do when a girl breaks up with you that you really liked? i want to know that some of you out there aren't heartless!!!!How do guys deal with heartbreak?
EXERCISE AND FIND A NEW ONE...remember this plant seeds always have a back up see i was in love once and she broke my heart she really did but i had back so whenever something was to happen i was already prepared...but right about now just do stuff to keep her off ur mind dont it does nothing for you...exercise keeps you healthy and active and keeps ur mind on something else beside her eventually u'll get over her..o yea and meet new peopleHow do guys deal with heartbreak?
i just got dumped the other day and it felt bad for a day but im over it now because i know shes a ***** lol. that skank dumped me to go out with one of my best Friends!!! unbelievable. so I guess that's what bites me even more now.
bottle of greygoose a bleezy.. try to forget by going out meeting new people **** love its a playing thing...
If its for real over. I just run out and have sex with the first chick I know for a fact my EX would find out about. Makes me feel a little better. But you can prolly consider that bridge burned. For awhile at least...
u really liked? damn well i mean i always get like 3 or 4 more chicks numbers if im ever goin out with a girl so if i ever get in a break up. i can tell another girl. then in a few days imma be dating again. its all a game cuz u cant take it too seriously
The first girl I dated 3 weeks later she cheated on me. This was like 10 years ago and I am still heartbroke over it. I tried dating on and off but mabe I have lost alot of trust. It is hard to deal with heartbreak. The best way to deal with it, take up some hobbys. I never could really get over it fast. Most people think it is just some game when it comes to a serious relationships. I hope this helps. May God bless!
first thing i tend to do is get really high and get hammered. last time this happened to me it just took me a while to get over it. just try to do things that can take your mind off of her. hopefully your boys can support you and help you get your mind off of her too.
On my last heartbreak I went out and got drunk off my *** and told the one that I broke up with or should I say the one that broke up with me I her to go fly a kite and that's saying it in a nice way though I rather not say exactly what I said to her on the web site just because of the fact that it is very inappropriate.
go hang out with friends and have fun!
stay friends with them

the perticullar person discuss the problem with his friend's thaths all

why, with a bottle of batron and a handgun! chasing after small animals saying ';she said she'd always love me!';
i go *** another gilr and the im sorted

All you can do is move on.

The one is out there, you just need to find her.
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