Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to deal with guys?

So my boyfriend and i broke up, but i'm fine things just didn't work out. anyways some of his friends keep texting and callin me wanting to hang out and i had three wanting to be my bf. So how should i tell them no and to leave me alone in a nice way? Please Help!! 10pts. for best answer.How to deal with guys?
Tell them you're flattered but not interested.

If you say anything like..';I need time'; or ';not right now'; or ';don't want to for a while';. It makes them think they still have a chance and they'll keep after you. You need to make sure you're clear and firm so they know you're saying no and you mean it.How to deal with guys?
it seems like that these guys are persistant and aren't going to leave you alone with out you yellling at them, guys can be thick headed like girls can be cruel. just tell them straight out to leave you alone and give you time this will go on if you don't get a little angry at them sorry to say. I just have to say I'm glad I'm not like that lol XD
yeah you should, because

1. its not nice to your ex bf

2. they might just be trying to wind him up

3. your ex and his mate might fall out

so you could always hang out as friends but dont go out with any of them
Tell them you need just got out a a relationship

Any of them that don't understand that, you don't want to be dating anyway.


Just tell them that you had just broken up and need some time, If they are really wanting to date you then they will respect your space and give you all the time you need.
Tell them you just got out of a realstionship and you dont want to rush into another one. You need time and you just want to be friends.
tell them ur not ready to be in another relation ship and tel them that u want them to leave u alone but not in a mean way
you need to just let them know you want to be alone for a while hopefully they wont get mad...but most guys understand!
Tell them you want to be single for a while damn I just got out of an relationship
tell them you look for loyalty in a significant other.
tell them that you just got out of a relationship and you want some time to cool off
Say sorry !

and I don't date any of my boyfriends friends !

Just dont text back !
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