Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How did you guys deal with this?

I just found out a few days ago that I was pregnant. I was a little scared at first but I was mostly excited because I was TTC and this is what I wanted. I went to the hospital today to find out that I was having a miscarriage. How did you guys deal with this?? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this situation and I have been crying all day since I found out. I am so upset. It feels like my heart is broken. How did you cope when you found out you had a miscarriage?? Thanks for any advice you can give me.How did you guys deal with this?
I think that you just have to let yourself grieve. And talking about it with someone closest to you helps a lot too. I don't think there's any healing with out first grieving. I just tell myself it wasn't meant to be, this baby wasn't meant to be here with me on earth, they were too beautiful to be here. I know it seems so unfair and it is painful and very difficult to come to terms with, I completely understand, but you just somehow find a way to cope. You are strong enough to do so. I am very sorry, and my heart is with you.How did you guys deal with this?
First of all sorry for you loss.Well I dont know how it feels but it the feeling of getting a negative month after month is heartbreaking,,,

Keep you spirits high and remember that God will reward you soon.

Lost of Baby Dust
Sorry for your loss ! Just t ake it as the baby was not yours and his mother must be waiting for him so GOD took it back from you :)

Be positive and be happy that at least you can get pregnant FOR SURE :)

I am sure you will be pregnant soon if you stop crying and work on TTC again :) Good Luck!
I've had many miscarriages and each one was just as devastating. 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, about 1 in 4. I found comfort in knowing that this was natures way of saying this baby could not grow to be healthy and your body recognized this and stopped the pregnancy before the baby was developed enough to suffer. It doesn't take away the fact that it hurts knowing there was something wrong. The good news is that the chance of this happening again is not high and you will probably go on to have a wonderful healthy pregnancy next time. SOme might think this is hokey pokey hoopla but interesting either way.... There was a famous Psychic who told a neat story... There was an older lady who's hubby died and she wanted to talk to him. He came thru and said he was going to be reborn to their daughter as her grandkid. The lady said her daughter was having trouble getting preg and didn't think she could get preg. A few days later the older lady called back to say her daughter was preg. Some time passes and she calls the psychic again wanting to talk to her hubby. The psychic said her hubby told her that he was coming soon as their grandkid in a few weeks. The lady said no way because her daughter was only 6mos along. A few weeks later the daughter gives birth at 6mos! The psychic (elizabeth baron) said ';goes to show humans don't know much when it comes to the time the soul enters the body';.
I talked with some close friends who had suffered a m/c as well. I belong to a couple of online fertility forums where there is a loss section and I got(still get) lots of support there. It is very devastating. I know it is hard not to feel you contributed somehow but know it is not your fault. Take this time to grieve. If it helps, write a poem or letter to your angle. I have a friend who has a Forget-me-not miscarriage pendant that helps her. You may feel like being a hermit for awhile but do try and take sometime to do something for yourself each day. Have some ice cream, go for a walk, pamper yourself. It helps me to avoid places where you may find pregnant woman or babies as seeing them is like a knife in the heart. It's not easy but for me after being TTC 5+ years that is the last thing I want to see. You may not feel like talking with friend who have children and that is okay. If they are good friends they will understand. Know that, with time, things get better. Just take it one step at a time.

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