Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pregnancy veterans, how did you deal with this problem?

I am getting advice left and right about what I should be doing and how I could stand to be bigger even though I'm 7 months along and have already gained 30 lbs in this pregnancy. I even got advice from a friend's wife who had NEVER been pregnant. How would she know?! How did you guys deal with this annoying problem?Pregnancy veterans, how did you deal with this problem?
Just smile graciously and thank them for their don't have to listen to it all...people just like to be ';helpful';...Pregnancy veterans, how did you deal with this problem?
What I've done is put an earplugs in! If my doctor tell me that I'm doing good and everything looks good, I'd ignore everyone else! 30 lbs so far is good! I've gained 35 lbs and my doctor said it's a healthy weigh for me and the baby.

You just deal cause that is the way it goes you don't have too take it but you will hear it.
Good for you! Unfortunately I did not have that problem, people asked if I was having twins! I always said ';No, just one big baby.'; And my son was 9lbs. 11oz..
Don't only listen to your doctor, listen to your body as well. You know when something doesn't feel right. If you feel like there is a problem, there probably is. But as for the weight gain, you said you're 7 months along, right now is when the baby will be picking up his/her weight too, so unless your doctor is worried about the 30 pounds, don't worry about it. And remember, when everyone is throwing advice at you, that opinions are like a..........everyone has one!
i dont really care what ppl think but i dont think i really had this problem, i am 8 weeks preg with baby #4 (the others are 8 years, 3 years, 7 months) so im usually the one ppl ask thier questions to since most likely i have been through something they are curious about, i dont just go around telling ppl what they should or shouldnt do though cuz only they know what works for them. all i can say is dont believe all you here. i was 17 when i had my oldest and my mother in law insisted that drinking beer made you milk come in better, (a common belief in older women like grandmas) but i later read that its not good at all and the alcohol goes into breast milk. lucky for me and my son it was only 1 beer. so trust me everyone thinks they know best but sometimes its so far from the truth. ig you have a pregnancy book it will help alot
Every one is going to put there two sense in... as long as your Doctor says every thing is on the up and up, don't listen. I was a little bump when I was pregnant. Everyone told me that I was going to have a little baby if I didn't miscarry. I ended up having an 8lb 8ozs. baby. If it truly bothers you that they throw in their advice, say something like, ';I appreciate the help but my doctor says I am fine and I would not like the extra stress of worrying'; it will take the rudeness out of telling them to shut up. Trust me it works wonders.. Good luck and congrats

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