Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is this guys deal?

The other day I was sitting in my car and this old arch nemesis of mine walks up to my car and basically says he wants to be friends again. I didnt believe him, and knew he was gonna sucker punch me if he got the chance. So My buddies show up a minute later and I pop my car door open, jump out and he runs back inside his truck and leaves me a note saying how he could have knocked me out when I got back to my car later. What was up with this guy?What is this guys deal?
give him weird looks

and tell him to freak offWhat is this guys deal?
idk but he's a freak.
sounds like an idiot..who would write a note? ignore ppl like this..and if u have to give him the beating of his life
not somthing nice
He a louser and can't move on.

Next time you see him beat the hell out of him, he sounds like an a** hole.
Actually, you and the entire bunch sound like real troublemakers. Good luck.
wow..he's a total weirdo! stay way from him.
Jealousy! That is a very dangerous emotion to fool with. An over jealous person can harm you. Get a restraining order. Don't fool yourself. This guy needs to learn to let go and he needs to know that you aren't a push over. Get a restraining order please. He needs to know there are consequences for his actions. Right now he thinks he still has control over you.

Everyone has a little jealousy in them - he's just over jealous.
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