Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to deal with people staring you down?

I just had a quick question. What is the best way to deal with guys that try and stare you down? I always notice guys from the gym to clubs to just out on the street trying to stare you down and exert some time of dominance. Right now I just ignore them. Is it best to try and stare them back down or just ignore them?How to deal with people staring you down?
I give a disgusted look and then ignore them. I used to stick out my tongue at people that stared at me.How to deal with people staring you down?
what i do is stare at them back with an even bigger attitude. something like ';dont mess with me'; stare

or mostly, i walk around with friends by my side so the next time they stare at me, ill whisper to my friend and then we can laugh about it in his face.
lol I get that when I'm's annoying but sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's just plain funny because some of them are pretty pathetic. I usually stare back and just give them a look (either bad or good), or laugh...(they are usually just driving by so it's not like they have time to stop or anything so that's why it doesn't really matter what I do)...
Unless you're willing to risk a verbal and/or physical confrontation, the better choice is to ignore them. That doesn't necessarily mean you are weaker, it just means you've dismissed them.
Just ignore it eventually they'll just give up and stop.
I usually look at them with amusement. It's really funny to me to see those kinds of guys trying to peacock their chest all out and act tough. Guys who do that are out looking for trouble. I think about how stupid they are and have a good smile to myself about it while just looking at them.

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