Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do I deal with guys have crushes on me?

I don't know how to deal with them...then it gets all weird. I tend to literally run the other direction or run away when I see them coming or walking my direction. Some are just plain creeps, so I guess running away is okay. I don't know what to do! I don't speak to them unless they speak to me, cause I'm scared if I do speak to them, they might think I like them back when I really don't. Usually in the end, everything gets weirder and then we end up not speaking which is totally fine by me cause I'm not friends with them (they're just acquaintances). I get all panicky every time something like this happens, and maybe they think I'm stuck up cause I avoid them...How do I deal with guys have crushes on me?
Guys how have crushes, you can't be friends with them. They will always be trying ot geat a date or be your BF.

You can be honest and nice without being mean. Tell them they have no chance.

If they are being a pest, don't be afraid to get mean. They don't care they are making you feel weird. Don't worry about making them cry. Just tell them leave you alone.How do I deal with guys have crushes on me?
well do u have a boy right now if u do say sorry i have a bf
until they start to stalk you...just be glorified with the fact that u have admirers...
well if you notice it why dont you just tell them you dont feel the same?
that happens to me too, just ignore the fact that they like you and do what you normally would. If they get the idea that you like them who's not like it'll change anything though if they ask you out or bring it up just set 'em straight. Dont let this make you fret seriously its not that big of a deal if you handle it like its not.
just be honest with them and tell them you're not interested in them a boyfriends. Who cares what they think, if they think you're acting stuck up. you are entitled to act any way you like.
If they're not bothering you, don't bother them. Just enjoy the fact that you're so cool.
If a guy has a crush on you, %26amp; you don't feel the same way about him as he does you, then it's HIS problem, not yours.

So I am wondering why you seem to be making it such a problem for you, instead of just going about your own business?

As long as you treat these guys like a reasonable human being should, with respect. Then I don't see how someone having a crush on you can be such a problem.

Count your blessings, it sounds like you are popular. :-)
tell it to them straight.

next time they try to talk to you, tell them you're tired of being bothered and you do not like them and you never will. it may sound a little rude, but it will intimidate them and they will be afraid of talking to you again.
Have sex with them. Then they will avoid you.
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