Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PLEASE READ I KNOW ITS LONG What is this guys deal?

I've been talkin to a guy for a lil more than a month now. We talk almost everyday. He's 20 and I'm 19. I'm a virgin and never done anything with a guy before. He knows that. He says he's been with 5 girls. We met for the first time this past sunday. We fooled around some. I went down on him. He begged and begged to let him ';return the favor'; but I was really nervous and didn't let him. We talked and kissed. And kinda cuddled for a while. I asked him if we were to have sex one day would he just dump me afterwards. and he said no your too pretty for that. He called me later that night. And again the next night. He was like, you thought I forgot about you didnt you? Well a couple days ago I asked him did he think we could go out on a real date this weekend. He told me its possible. I dont know how to take that, what does that mean. I guess I wanted him to get a lil more excited and say yes. Well we talked later on that night. I asked if I was what he expected and he said yea, was he, and I told him that he was. Then he asked me what do you like about me the most? I told him idk, your really cute and sweet, and your all hairy lol. Now see he's asked me what i like about him 50 million times. So I asked him couldnt he think of 1 single thing he liked about me. So he says, really I love everything about you. Why does he keep asking me what I think of him. Is he that insecure. I mean I'm obviously attracted to him. But he's no johnny depp. He doesnt have girls chasing after him. And all his past girlfriends are really fat and ugly. I just dont understand what his deal is. Did he talk to me for a whole month just to get a *******. Or is he really interested in me. I told him that I would have sex with, I just wanted to get to know him better, and I wanted my 1st time to be special. I asked him what would he call what we're doin. He said what do u want to call us. I said I dont know I just dont want to be some girl that you do in the backseat. He told me I know babe. The day that we met when he was carrying me home. He held me real close and kept kissing me on top of my head, and he sang along to a really sweet love song on the radio. he told me he hasn't had sex in 9 months. I was talking to a friend about all this and they said that he seemed really inexperienced.Something else, He tells me to call him, but when I do alot of the times he wont answer his phone.What is this guys deal?PLEASE READ I KNOW ITS LONG What is this guys deal?
If he says he's been with five girls, you should ask him to be honest with you and tell you the truth if he had sex with any of them. Don't EVER give into any guy that begs to ';return a favor';! I have received a lot of answers like ';your too pretty for that'; before I had sex with guys and they always dumped me afterwards. Guys tend to say things just to get into the sack with you. So, be smart and always do what your gut tells you. Don't ever give in just because the guy wants you to. (I have learnt my lesson!)

So, it's possible that you COULD go out on a date? Well, to me it sounds like he doesn't know if he wants a full-time girlfriend right now, it just seems like he wants to get into your pants. He knows you are a virgin, so he is probably trying every effort to see what you do and say, possibly hoping one time you will give in to him.

When he kept asking you what you liked about him: Sounds to me like he wanted a descriptive answer and he got one! You gave him three answers! It probably wasn't the answer he was looking for, so that is why he kept asking the same question over and over.

';Really, I love everything about you';: When he said this, I believe that he doesn't have a specific reason why he loves you. I think he is lusting after you, I don't quite think it's love. Love is when you are devoted to each other, you both are set to have a long term relationship, both of you promise to help each other out in any problem that arises and most important, he proposes to you (that tells you he truely loves you)!

He could be sincere, but yet, insecure and unsure of where the relationship may end up. Maybe, he doesn't know what he wants? He might be just testing the water to see where everything ends up.

Honestly, it doesn't matter about anything about his past, unless he has a STD! His girlfriends are history, it doesn't matter what they look like. If he is happy with the way you are (your personality %26amp; looks), then he should be more sincere about his answers he gives you. What I am trying to say is, he should be more sensitive to your needs and wants too! But, only to a point where you are comfortable with him.

Getting to know someone through sexual pleasures does not always end up in a lasting relationship. Waiting until you are married or even until the right moment, tells the guy that you are true to yourself and that you don't want STD's.

When a guy doesn't answer his phone, sometimes they do it to make us girls mad. Next time when he asks you to call him, ask him if he ever answers his phone. Maybe, you could possibly set up a specific time, so he knows when to answer the phone.PLEASE READ I KNOW ITS LONG What is this guys deal?
I don't know what his deal is, but DON'T lose your virginity to that guy; I think you will regret it. You should lose it to someone you feel close to and comfortable with. If you felt close to him you wouldn't need to be asking people what his deal was and what you should do. I'm sure he's a nice enough guy but he also sounds a little messed up -- insecure, emotionally unavailable, etc. It sounds like he does like you but maybe not enough, if he's not answering your calls or excited about going on a date with you. He sounds kind of selfish and confused. And you don't want your first time to be with someone like that. Wait until you're in a comfortable, intimate relationship with someone who really respects you.
you really don't need him. the only reason he wants you is you're young and beautiful. he couldn't care less about what you think, he's hiding his real self from you. looks like he is the rapist type too, wants you for sex and will do anything to get it. he asks you what you like about him to make sure you are still attracted to him. after all you've never had sex and he hasn't had it in less than a year. oh, and he doesn't answer because he doesn't really love you, if he did he wouldn't be interested in something else every time you call him. That or he is scared the he loose your interest if he picks up.

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