Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do you deal with guys your not interested in?

ive got some guy texting me.. and i never respond but he keeps texting me... i only met him twice.

im really non-confrontational person so ive just been ignoring him

then another guy at my works keeps hitting on me and i try to tell him to go away and try to be mean but i duno what to do . to get these weirdos away.. How do you deal with guys your not interested in?
the work guy is a no-brainer. You should formally file a complaint with the HR department or manager. They'll take it very seriously and he'll either be fired or knock it off. Your only other option in a situation like this is to make a big scene (ie yelling ';LOOK MAN WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, IM NOT INTERESTED, YOURE NOT GOOD LOOKING'; etc)....and the latter idea doesn't sound up your alley so just complain, that's what managers are for, youre there to work not fight off boneheads who dont get the hint. (fight for your rights)

With the texter I bet you could have his number blocked. Find out, if you can its probably like $5 and an easy way to deal with it. Otherwise again youll have to confront.

Ultimately though, it would be good for you to start learning HOW to confront (diplomatically) as otherwise youll continue to run into this barrier in life and waste a lot of time.How do you deal with guys your not interested in?
i have the same problems!

you really want nothign to do with them and they just keep trying!! itts sooooooo annoying

i just stop everything, i started kinda being ';cold'; with them, and thye got the message, then once i told someone and that worked too

so you can try that

i know it may sound mean, but its so fustrating

Thats easy Jane ...

TEXT back saying piss off this is Janes MAN ...

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