Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you, As an Author, Deal with Criticism?

I don't mean like ';ur story sux! i hated it %26gt;('; kind of criticism I mean real thoughtful criticism that is meant to help your story. I know the people that try to help me fix stuff on my story are doing it in a nice way but I always have a feeling at first that says ';I hate that person for saying my stuff needs editing'; even though I know nothing they say is meant in a bad way? how do you guys deal with a feeling like this?How do you, As an Author, Deal with Criticism?
I think about it and if they have a point, I'll consider it. If I disagree, then I don't give a ****.How do you, As an Author, Deal with Criticism?
well, i think about it. and i look at what they said, and if i like anyof their suggestions i put it in my story, read it over and see if i like it. if i do i print out the copy with the new idea in it and a copy of the old version and give it to someone to read. see which one they like better. but, if you dont like how it goes in your story, i take it out.

hope I helped!
One of the first things you have to learn as an author, is that you are not your story. When people offer criticism (esp. constructive criticism) they are not criticizing you. They are offering a critique for your story.

Once you can make that separation, you can step back and consider the critique for what it is. Evaluate it, see if there is something constructive you can take from it, then use it.

It isn't easy to learn that detachment, because we get so into our work, and put so much energy into it that it's hard to stand back and not regard it as one of our children.
Just have to learn not to take it personally, even if what they say is tactless. It takes some time to develope though. My best coping method is to take in serious consideration their suggestions. Sometimes they're right, and doing what they say for that particular event turns out to be exactly what the story needs. Sometimes its a miss, and really messes up things I want to have later. But either way, seriously considering what people suggest helps me realize they are making suggestions out of my own best interest.

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