Saturday, August 21, 2010

WHAT is this guys deal with me?

--we have been on and off for a year

--once he was a huge *** whole to me but since then has apologized and now is much more careful in how he treats me

--but he still only texts/IMs/calls me late at night (even when he is far away and wont be seeing me any time soon)

--he was ';hurt'; when i decided to cut him out of my life

--he is a genteman at bare minimum (will walk me home if its late at night but wont pick me up on the way to going out)

--he has only done sexual things for me but i haven't done anything for him yet he is still persuing me

--once when my friend told him i was mad at him he called me like 3 times because he was really upset that i was mad at him

--has walked me home even when we werent h/u and he didnt expect anything

--doesnt pressure me to do anything sexual for him and is very interested in pleasing me

--doenst want to sleep in the same bed after hooking up so he sleeps on the couch

--i have tried to cut him out of my life but he gets really upset by that

--i cant get over him

--we do have a very unusual chemistry, i cant explain it but h/u with him is SO MUCH BETTER and more intimate than with anyone else...WHAT is this guys deal with me?
He sounds bi-polar or doesn't know what he wants with you! SOunds like he wants to be with you but doesn't wanna be with you at the same time. He probably has someone else on tha side but still wants to please you! I would just drop him bc its making you bounce on and off with him, its frustrating you and probably everyone around you. I would go find another guy who would make u feel less stressed out!WHAT is this guys deal with me?
maybe he's in love with you
you just need to leave him alone..
Well. It sounds like he likes you. Just doesn't know how to show it. Or what to do.
u guys seem to like eachother but u dont want to admit it u have ur problems like every other couple and cant get over each other so he really likes u
it seems like he likes u but every once in a while he gets confused about how he feels gets scared or doesnt know how to show his feelings and lashes out. but he doesnt want you out of his life. u should try and talk about it with him asking why he acts like this all the time. this is very confusing and im sorry that you have to deal with his sudden changes in mood or beliefs but im happy that you found someone that u care about and he feels the same way. all u can do is talk. im at this stage right now myself and it sux but weve talked about it and its getting better.
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