Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I can't believe I'm asking this... but how do you guys deal personally deal with depression and anxiety?

I'm usually the one answering this question, but now I feel like I'm the one in the driver's seat. I can't quite figure out how to get over my anxiety. I feel like life is passing me by and I want to change it, but I'm too paralyzed to actually be proactive about it. It's like (if you guys have ever experienced this) those times where you're half-awake/asleep and you can't move your arms and legs. Man, that's scary. That's what it's like in reality for me. Everyone keeps saying I'm artistic, nice, sweet, intelligent, whatever... and I see that... but I keep my distance from people because I'm so unique (another adjective people use) that I don't really belong in any particular clique. I can adapt to any situation, but sometimes I'm like, ';Where the hell do I fit in?'; I just turned 27 in July, but how is a 27-year-old supposed to carry his/herself? Am I at the age where I should be settling down now? I feel like my life hasn't even begun yet! I just graduated with my degree in 2007.

I love being around people, but I feel like that one guy in that Paxil commercial a few years ago who imagined he was being smothered at a birthday party. How do you deal with that?I can't believe I'm asking this... but how do you guys deal personally deal with depression and anxiety?
I am actually in the same boat you are. I went into the military when I was 17, and just got out earlier this year. I have seen the world, yet I feel too old for my age, which is 26. I don't really have friends and I never quite fit in with any clique.

I started taking Zoloft earlier this year, and I have to occasionally take Xanax for panic attacks because sometimes, I just get overwhelmed. Life is going so fast! Yet, I just really stared. I am in college with younger kids who think I am cool, but I don't feel that way. The Zoloft does help. Depression can make you feel half asleep, but so does ';stress'; and everything is stress related.

I wish you the best and remember; we aren't old yet!I can't believe I'm asking this... but how do you guys deal personally deal with depression and anxiety?
Oh god,

Well for me it was a whole hell of a lot of trying medications and counseling.

So maybe you should just visit your doctor or somewhere you could get counselling for this problem.
Hey, at least you can adapt! Maybe you should try staying with just one group of friends for a change and see what happens. Not everyone has to settle down in their twenties! My aunt is 37, and she's just now marrying, nobody thinks she's weird because of it.
Just eat more.
You sound like a good person who just needs to make some changes for himself to get a jump start into his career and social life.

Then, learn to let the little things go.

answer mine??;鈥?/a>
Count your blessings and take things one step at a time and one piece at a time.

Develop friendships and take that to the next level. Always focus on where you are and what you have and build out from there.
Practice a relaxation method, daily, and when needed, such as鈥?/a> or鈥?/a> or or the Yoga Nidra (no flexibility required) at鈥?/a> (and pages 1, b, and i, about depression, and anxiety).

These will enable you psychologically centre yourself, when practiced regularly, and can also enable you to know the real you; the one behind the persona; the mask we present to the world.

Establishing yourself in your occupation, and a stable relationship with someone will help in this process.

We are all unique; it's a matter of finding the position of best fit, and even that may well change, with the passing of time, development of new interests, and responsibilities, and the gaining of some degree of maturity.

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