Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you guys deal with showers?

I'm 15 and going to a gym tomorrow with my dad and brother. Were going to my grandparents house right after and my dad said we can just shower there and then go straight to there house. The problem is I've never showered with other guys before. I think it weird especially with my dad and brother and maybe other guys. I've seen the showers at the gym before and it's a little room with a big pole in the middle with shower heads on it. Odds are I'm going to see my dads and brothers junk and I'm affraid I'm going to get a ';u know what';. How do you guys deal with public showers.How do you guys deal with showers?
Are you gay? lol jk, i would shower in some underwear and bring some extra boxersHow do you guys deal with showers?
Ok if you get a chubby going by looking at your dad and brothers stuff, then you need help. You're gay or something. Whatever, you've got more serious issues to address.

You could always NOT LOOK. Stare at the floor or the ceiling. Close your eyes. Jeez, you don't HAVE to look....
Lol, I guess you're gonna just gonna have to keep ur eyes to urself and tell urself everything is normal, and that athletes do this all the time.

OR, you could always find alternatives, and try to find a solution to ur public shower issue by finding a way around it.

And of course you can always tell ur dad your a lil embarrassed about taking a public shower.

Thats all I can think of atm. Hope it helps!

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