Saturday, August 21, 2010

How would you guys deal with a boss like mine?

ok, my boss has a bad temper and shes kinda of double faced when it comes to her talking to you. what i mean is that somedays she comes treating you super good and then the next day she comes in treating you like crap and screaming. well the first 2 times she came up to me screaming and everything, i let i go because we are all humans and we tend to get pissed off every now and then, but she has been like that with everyone and earlier this week she came screaming at me and talking really bad, so i exploded back and we got into a fight. so w.e the next day im more calm down and i decided i was going to tell her that im not comfortable with the way she adressed the situation and how she talked to me wasnt right. so before i left work yesterday i asked her if i could get a word with her, so i told her and as soon as i told her that as a person i wasnt satisfied with the way she talked to me, she burst back saying that she isnt satisfied with the way i work, that i am very dishonest worker and etc, etc. She turned the whole purpose of me talking to her around and started addressing her issues that she has about me, and she missed the whole point of the conversation. I really dislike my boss, i have since i have seen the way she treats people, and im pretty sure today shes going to be coming in all nice and smiling like a fake smile that i cant stand. should i pretend as well or just be honest as i am and not acknowledge her presence? (btw i dont want to get fired but i plan on leaving as soon as i have enough money saved up to go look for a new job)How would you guys deal with a boss like mine?
You are not at work to socialize, or worry about personalities, just do your work and use the money to pay your bills. It gets me how women are always into that sort of thing at a job, and sometimes actually quit the job for such a reason; it's ridiculous.How would you guys deal with a boss like mine?
Your boss sounds like she is bi-polar. Get a new job or tell her to see a doctor and get on some meds.
report her. You can't legally be fired for filing a report.
So thats what you say about me! Your FIRED!

lol jk ya just look for a new job that you enjoy;)
ill ignore her..
Start looking for a new job right away, be professional and courteous. She is a jerk, get out of there as soon as you can.
Does she have a superior you can go to? You tried speaking to her but that obviously did not go well so maybe going to a higher up is in order. You should not be talked to like that. Just make sure her accusations about you are unfounded or she could use them to get rid of you!
Start looking for another job now, don't wait until you have enough money saved. I agree it isn't good for her to treat people like she has treated you but there may be issues with the way you do your job as well. Maybe you should try to improve your job performance too. It takes two to make an argument. The bottom line is if you aren't happy with your job you should try to find one that makes you happy. Working is something we have to do and there is no reason to do it and be miserable.
My advice is don't save up money to look for a new job. Start looking now. Start with Craigslist. Also go to and create a profile for yourself. If you don't have a resume, you'll need to create one. There are a lot of resume templates you can download for free off the internet, or you can use the online template provided for free by

Yahoo also has a site called HotJobs which is a pretty good resource for finding a job in your area.

Don't wait, start looking now!
boss is like that , if u cannot stand go and find another job, give her a lesson , she is not the only 1 boss here in this world
Everywhere is samething and all bosses are pretty much assholes and thats why they are MANAGERS! Well, talk to her when U need to otherwise just ignore her and thats what I do at my work. I sit here and relax but it doesnt mean that users are complaining about me coz I am in IT. So, just show that you are working very very hard. Yes, you can find another job but its gonna be same story there too.
There's nothing stopping you from looking for work while you are employed, you cannot get fired for that.

As for your boss, calmly schedule a meeting with her so that you can ask her what her expectations of you are, and what you can do to preform better in the work place, because you are truly dedicated to you work and want to do your best for the company.

Then whatever her suggestions are, do them as long as they are within reason.

If she doesn't address the issue in a business like manner, take it up with her superior.

You're boss doesn't have to like you, and you don't have to like her. Working, sadly, is not about making friends and being liked, it's about getting the job done.

If she doesn't have a superior, then at least you can say that you really did try to please her, and can move on with a guilt free conscience.

Start looking for employment else where a.s.a.p. And remember, everyone has had the boss from hell. It's not forever.
I would call the HR department and report the abuse that she is giving you, if they says they can't doing nothing then start looking for a new job. But, she says anything discriminatory about you report that too.
Always be calm and courteous with her. Even if it's a fake smile act like it's a real smile. Then when she yells or acts badly stay really calm and tell her you can't communicate with her when she's like that and that you'll gladly listen to what she has to say when she can speak to you respectfully. Use the word RESPECT as much as possible. Then disengage, go take a walk if you have to. When the storm blows over go to her and bring up the issue she was yelling about, it was probably over nothing but make a point of checking in: ';so, you had a problem with the way I hung up my coat this morning. would you like to go over the correct way to do it?'; The key is to always remain calm calm calm. Part of what she does is to get people in the office whipped up, so don't let her manipulate you. You will be amazed at how powerful it is to just stop playing her game and to set boundaries for how you will be treated.

In a way you need to treat her like a 3 year old having a tantrum. You don't get mad, you don't comfort, you just don't respond and stay above it. And that makes sense because it sounds like she has the emotional capacity of a 3 year old.

Now I can't guarantee that she won't fire you, but maybe you'd be better off! Good luck.

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