Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mono sufferers, how do you deal with the boredom?

(or any other long term illness). I have mono and have been holed up in my place for a while. I miss my friends and am starting to really miss class. How have you guys dealt with the boredom and loneliness?Mono sufferers, how do you deal with the boredom?
I had mono when I was 14 years old. I'm not 28.

I was really sick, but I went to class- at my discretion. As long as you're not being physically active, you should be able to attend class- just as long as you're not wearing yourself out. That is VERY IMPORTANT.

Otherwise, if there are reasons that you must stay home this entire time, it looks like its books, magazine, movies, television, Y!A-- you could also pick up hobbies like beading, knitting, srapbooking.

I know that might not sound like a lot of fun (however those are thing I like to do on a regular basis)- but they will take up time, and you will have completed projects as a result!!
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