Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How would you guys deal w/ Losers and freaks?

I prefer only guys to answer this, but girls are okay to submit their opinion. Well, the problem is that, there's this guy in my class, he's GAY, and he's got an irritating ugly face, my problem with this guy is that it seems like he's messing w/ me, what he does is that he accidentally touches me, touch in a way like accidentally touching my back w/ his hand, BUMPING on me or my chair while I'm sitting on it and everything, and the other things just to get my attention (he does these things every time I'm around him), sometimes when he sees me, he's looking at me w/ a look like there's something about it, I don't know if he hates me or not, but it's definitely weird, sometimes I caught him staring at me w/ a look like he's thinking something weird again. One of the things that he also does to me, is that sometimes, when he sees me going inside the bathroom alone, he also goes in, and one time, so I was going down the stairs, and I saw him, he was about to go inside the bathroom, when he saw me going down the stairs, he temporarily stopped and looked at me for a second, and then he went in. Do you think that I should just ignore this retardedness? I'm totally bothered, can you guys give me any ideas? How would you guys deal w/ Losers and freaks?
If he's invading your personal space tell him so.

He can either respect that, or keep doing it, and in the case of the latter, I'd take it up with the instructor of your class and ask him to mediate a solution. If you don't want to confront him going straight to option two would ease things along.

Beyond the personal space thing, just ignore him. I'm a socially awkward guy myself, so I don't want to say he's doing it on purpose, he might just be weird. Some people don't really notice they're doing something until someone points it out. Maybe he has asperger's? I hear they can have issues with personal space and staring. Try not to take it personally until you know for sure it is. How would you guys deal w/ Losers and freaks?
Just tell him you're not interested and to please leave you alone.
HIs just annoyin answer this;鈥?/a>
ignoring sometimes doesn't work. eventually i get so pissed i curse them out and that usually works
LoL... You are going to piss off the liberals! Talk about politcal correctness. I had a guy put his hand on my knee once, I grabbed his hand and slammed it on the desk and then pointed at his hand and said ';stay!'; like a dog. and then I told him if he touches me like that again... Well there would be lots of physical contact, only not the kind he was thinking. or you could just get a gf. Just dont take it, if he has rights to be gay then you have rights not to be gay, and there is no excuse for him to be touching you, its called sexual harrasment. If you want you could play a country song called ';I'm still a guy'; he might get the hint then. Good luck dude.
Two possibilities... (if he's truly attracted to guys)

1) he likes you. to get him to leave you alone, just ignore him. whenever you see him around, don't even glance at him. smile, laugh and do your own thing when he's around - it shows that you're NOT interested in him, and he'd eventually stop.

2) he hates you - perhaps you're homophobic, and he can sense it. therefore, he picks on you. it's understandable cuz let's say if i go into a society where it's the norm for everyone to be gay... and i'm the only straight person there. when people picks on me for being straight, then i'd feel bad too and i might get revenge on them as well.
I think he has a crush on you but dont know the right way to flirt. I dont think he realize hes being creepy. Be nice and tell him you dont like it and if he continues, tell a teacher.

BTW Dont call people ugly

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