Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you guys deal with spoiled children?

I have a cousin who is THREE years old and she gets on my nerves all the time. She gets everything she wants, it's either her way or no way. If there's something she likes and someone has it, she would act all cute and ask if she can see it, and when they give it to her, she would not give it back whatsoever. She would cry for god knows how long, and her mom would get mad at that person, but not her daughter. Her mother is such a hypocrite, telling my mom how I'm only 16, she shouldn't be buying me lipgloss, but when HER 3 year old daughter wants one, she doesn't hesitate getting her one. When her mother isn't around and she misbehaves, one of my other cousins or I would snap at her, and she would cry so loud, and an adult would come in, and she'd tell them that we hit her. Seriously, how should I deal w/ a spoiled brat like her?How do you guys deal with spoiled children?
you can't do anything about her behavior, only her parents can. the only thing you can do is just ignore her.. and the next time your aunt makes one of those comments, be like ';so it's alright for a 3 year old to do/have that?'; I know how you feel, I've been in the same situation before.How do you guys deal with spoiled children?
beat the everloving sh*t out of her , that should shut the little brat up .
Just ignore the child and when she see's that no one is paying attention she might snap out of it.
I have a niece who麓s worse than yours. What I do is that I don麓t do anything to please her unless she behaves herself and I never care what my sister-in-law says. As long as she is in my house I decide what my rules are.
Politely ignore her for the time. In 20 years you'll lover her.

Just be patient.
She is evil lol I had a cuz like that she would get on my nerves I felt like punching her and she would tell lies on you and the adults would believe her over you it boiled my blood. till this day she still gets her way but I stay away from her she stays away from me lol P.S. she also a teenager now to and still gets her way so you in for the long haul lol. its no changing her now . I'll be praying for you lol. yes it will get that bad lol.
Honestly, she's 3. There really isn't anything you can do since her mother is the one coddling that behavior. She will outgrow it but until then just try to spend as least amount of time with her as you can.
First of all you are blaming the wrong person here. The child is only behaving in the manner the child's mother taught her to behave. Actually your sister is right though...your mother should not be buying YOU lip gloss, if you want lip gloss you should be buying it yourself. You should have some type of job in order for you to make those kinds of purchases yourself and it is really none of your business that your sister purchases those things for her daughter, her daughter is only three, way too young to get a job and buy them herself. I suggest that when she comes over to your house you leave. Go some place where she can't follow. You are 16 your cousin is only 3, yet you seem to behaving much like a 3 year old yourself.
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