Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How did you guys deal with your ever expanding bellies?

I am 18 weeks pregnant and just started to show. I was still fitting into all of my jeans up intil yesterday. Until last week, I was only a little bloated looking and barely even showing. Then BLAM! I look pregnant! It was almost like overnight. My belly just grew two times its size. I was getting dressed to go out and I grabbed my jeans yesterday and I couldn't manage to button them! It totally freaked me out! Did anyone else feel like this. I guess I just feel this way because I have always watched my weight and all of a sudden I have a big belly and I can't mangae to convince myself it is the baby growing! Also, it freaked me out because it made me realize how close I am getting to being a mom! Did you guys have the same feelings, or experience?How did you guys deal with your ever expanding bellies?
Yeah its a reality check for sure. I am 35 weeks pregnant and freaking out because I'm so close to being a mom, I'm so scared I'll do something wrong and what not. Although I wore a size 0 and from about 10 weeks on I couldn't fit into any of my jeans because I was already poking out but now I'm all baby so I'm not very big at all so it still seems like I'm not getting close but when I wake up and realize that in 5 weeks I am due and in 2 weeks I could go at any time its very scary. Try to relax! You are halfway there, its good you get these feelings because by the time your baby comes you will be totally ready. I didn't start freaking out til 30 weeks and I'm still not done yet. lol. Best of luck to youHow did you guys deal with your ever expanding bellies?
Wait until the third trimester.

Even the simple things in life become gruesome or painful tasks like,

- putting on your shoes

- putting on your socks (even harder)

- sitting on a toilet (particularly after the baby drops)

- sleeping.

I wish I was back to my 18 week size!

That was NOTHING!


Congrats on your pregnancy, and enjoy the things to come. Haha
same thing happend to me....size 6 one day next day size 8 scared the crap out of me...just means time to go shoppin:)
I'm 18 weeks as well, and I've only been showing for about a week, but been having difficulties buttoning my jeans for about a month. I'm pretty small as well and it actually makes me feel good that the baby is showing since I haven't felt kicks yet. I'm constantly worrying that the baby's dead in there. Anyways, I'm just glad I don't have to worry about the pooch anymore. Don't worry as for the body image, I've been checking my butt and thighs for stretch marks and fat dimples and cry when I think I see them, but hubby keeps assuring me I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. Which helps. ;) Congrats!
If you have never been a mother and have always tried to manage your body to your standards the changes to your body of becoming a mom can be overwhelming. But remember you see and notice things that others do not I was in your boat with my first one. It's something that you just have to embrace and once your belly is really sticking out and showing your going to feel like a bib blob and ';think'; your ugly but if you take the time to notice that becoming a mom is a beautiful thing (you may not think it right now) but once you hold your little one all the weight in the world doesn't matter to you. ANd as far as your man it'll take a while to adapt he might mope and groan now and then but they really cant understand. Plus it's not all that had to get off all your baby weight if you are concious of how much you gain and put for effort youll shed those pounds. It took me 7 to 8 weeks to get every once of that baby weight off just work hard afterwards. Relax youll be fine and beautiful good luck!
I didn't really start to show until a little after I was 5 months along. Now I'm 8 months and look like I swallowed a basketball!! I can still wear my regular jeans, except, because I can't button them I got a belly band. You can get them at most maternity shops. It's a wide band of stretchy fabric that you wear around your belly and over top of your jeans so that you dont have to button them but they stay up and you can't see the belly band under your shirt. It's the best invention ever for pregnant women. If you don't have a maternity shop close to you, you can find them on amazon...just type in ';maternity belly band';. Good luck!
Yeah... and you'll only get bigger. I was glad that I was really large in the spring/early summer because putting on shoes consisted of slip ons 90% of the time...

Here are things that will get harder with the big baby tummy:

Shaving...near impossible!

Clipping toe nails/painting them...also near impossible!

Putting on socks...I had to lay on my back and put my legs in the air...mostly I had my hubby do it lol

Putting on shoes...ha! what a joke

Sitting on a floor or low surface..again yeah right!

Congrats that belly... I did!

I started showing at 14 weeks but was starting to buy maternity clothes at 11 weeks...or at least bigger jeans!
You're around the right time frame when it ALL starts getting bigger. One thing that really got me through it all was the tube tops. I used them around my belly %26amp; left the jeans unbuttoned. One BIG tip for afterward...don't skimp out %26amp; get a cheap breast pump if you're gonna nurse!!
well i was never a small girl but in Australian sizes i was always around an18 then got to a 14 but then when i found out i was pregnant i creeped into a 16! it was a big deal for me as i worked so hard to lose all this weight and get back to being healthy again.

i didnt have too bigger belly with just being fat it went flat pretty quickly but all of a sudden i get back from melbourne and seeing my family develop some photos and you can see the ball under my shirt!!!

i was only just on 18 weeks when i got to western australia and my partner said i look bigger in my belly already but i didnt believe him.

so i came to the conclusion that i got pregnant and babies need somewhere to grow and even though i worked really hard on losing weight its mostly all baby fluid and yukky stuff and i will lose weight again!!

that was the best part of my life being pregnant!!! now i have a healthy son now 4 and miss seeing him moving around in my belly like he did!!!

congratulations and good luck its worth getting bigger!!!

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