Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do I deal with guys who want sex?

The guys I met in university were decent and they wanted to get to know me and befriend me based on who I was and talked to me about the issues that were important to me. But 98% of the guys that I meet outside of university only want sex. How do you tame them?How do I deal with guys who want sex?
Uh, say no?How do I deal with guys who want sex?
basically once you have sex with them they will shut up
tell them ur having that time of the month.... a period .. they back of them self
umm have sex with them???
yeah right. %100 of guys want sex. there is no taming us unless you get us hooked. then we do as you say. yes honey.
At this state in a man's life, the testosterone is running so high that anything short of a cattle prod won't have much of an effect on them.
You do not tame them. You tell them NO. They should respect you and your decisions.
Hunny, that's going to happen your entire single life. There are always going to be guys out there who just look for the next lay. Not that there aren't women out there the same way, because there are. Just tell them you're not interested, and they probably won't be interested in you anymore either. But look, if that's all they want, they aren't worth wasting your time over.
Try to dress conservative. Show no cleavage and little leg wear loose fitting clothes that cover up your figure.

Watch what you say. Accept nothing; Do not let the buy you a drink soda, lunch dinner or anything.

Try not the lead them on; Basically try NOT to be a prick tease.

walk away. tell them to leave you alone.....

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