Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is his deal? guys? what does he want with me?

So I met this really great guy at Cross Country States, he goes to school in the town next to me. After we started talking on facebook, and now texting, and an occasional call. We talk pretty much everyday. He keeps saying that he really wants to hangout with me and go on a date sometime. He even seemed pretty serious to me...he pretty much told me that he wanted to be my boyfriend, which I thought was pretty big, seeing as how I haven't even really gotten a chance to hangout with him yet. When it gets to be the weekend he's always like...I can't hangout with you I'm too busy? you mess around with girls like this for fun or something? Just curious because he seems really genuinely nice, and always says that he really wants to see me, but then it just never happens...I don't know what to do, I don't want to keep bothering him about it, because then I will come off as ';clingy'; but I do really want to see him soon. What do you think is he really interested in me or is he just saying that?What is his deal? guys? what does he want with me?
Does he have a job? If so that could be the reason. Or his friends could be giving him crap about wanting to go hang out with a girl he only talks to on facebook, and texting. But honestly I'm not sure.

Just talk to him about it. It probably just feels awkward to him.

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