Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whats this guys deal?? ugh its annoying me!?

so one friday a guy from summer camp tells me he still likes me and stuff and invites me to go to the movies with him.. i said no because i was busy that day so he was like ';okay another time.';

so the next weekend was this reunion at our summer camp where i met him.. and i knew he was going to be there and he knew i was going to be there.. so i was a little nervous..

so when we were up at camp he didnt talk to me once. ONCE. instead, he was hanging all over this one girl! he even kissed her right in front of me when we were in line for ice cream. this happened numerous times.. it was so weird, because you know when you like someone? theres like a connection between you two and you like always look at each other and stuff? well thats how it felt between us.

so yeah. what was his deal? why did he kiss her right in front of me when just a week earlier he told me he liked me?! im so confused and now he wont talk to me.. :( please help! oh and plus, we liked eachother before any of this happened!Whats this guys deal?? ugh its annoying me!?
Okay, I'm a girl.. This has happened to me.. I have my guy friend right next to me..

He asked you out, you said ';no';, he either wants you..kissed her because he wanted you to be jealous and coming running to him.

Orrrrrr He was hurt and knew it wouldn't happened so he moved on.

Unless he doesn't REALLY like you, If he does then he is hurt and will like you until he finds somebody that he reaaaaly likes that likes him.(like you or somebody elsE)..

Hun-good luck!Whats this guys deal?? ugh its annoying me!?

He liked you. You turned him down. (For whatever reason)

So he moved on. Quite quickly. This happens.
Coming from a guy, I know what his deal is. When he asked you to the movies, he liked you THEN. But when you said you couldn't go because you were busy, he lost all interest and moved on because he got the idea that you wanted nothing to do with him.
He wants you
He still likes u...... but the thing is, u not makin his world rock.... he wants to move on..... which is pretty normal.... If u still want him and like him..... go ahead, ask for movies and going out stuff like tat.... he mite say no,,, since u have turned him off..... dont give up...... If he really likes u, he ll come back.......all the best

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