Saturday, August 21, 2010

How did u guys deal with ear infections?

its my sons first

hes five months

he went to the doctor and got medicine

his fever seems to be staying at 100

since 3 yesterday

hes SO fussy

i use saline drops for the runny nose and suction it hes getting Tylenol for his fever and medicine for his ear and hes teething

running a vaporizer to and hes got horrible cough

we just got back from the doctors btw

im also giving him pedialyte in his bottle to keep hydrated

ne thing else i should do for him nd to keep me saneHow did u guys deal with ear infections?
Nope. Seems like you got everything down. It really sucks when they are so uncomfortable and you are doing all you can. It just takes a lot of hugs and cuddles!How did u guys deal with ear infections?
Just keep doing what you're doing. And give a lot of love and snuggling is all you really can do for them.
Accept you will have a sleepless night and spend alot of time with your baby.
that's pretty much all you can do. the antiboitics should work after 24-48 hours.

my son's ear infection didnt go away after i used the antibiotics, so be sure to take him once the prescription is fully used to ensure the ear infection is gone.
My grandma always fills up a sock with rice and then puts it in the microwave with a cup of water so the microwave doesnt get over heated. She usually puts it in for a minute but your baby might do well with 30 seconds. The eat sooths the pain away. Also. do you know if it is swimmers ear? it could be because of to much water in his ears so dont give him baths for a whil and make sure his bottle is always pointed up and have his head proped up so the milk doesnt go back to his ears.
You could try a heating pad set on low and with a cover on it... this helped my girls .good luck hope he feels better real soon...

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