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HOW Do You Deal With Guys IN the HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

i am a 16 year old girl who has just moved to the hood for the first time

the experience ive had with guys in the hood so far is very upfront like they say im thick and compliment my body and say i have a cute face.....which usually isnt how guys come up to me in other places at first

so i wanna kno how do i deal with guys in the hood and how should i react to them when they make SUCH upfront comments at me?

thnxHOW Do You Deal With Guys IN the HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
You can always say thanks I appreciate thatHOW Do You Deal With Guys IN the HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Baby Boo

I want nothin ta do with you.

How can i attract guys to myself? i'm pretty but i guess i just dont know how to deal with guys?

be yourselfHow can i attract guys to myself? i'm pretty but i guess i just dont know how to deal with guys?
hey there ,

just get in touch and i will tell u how to do that ,

feance2003@yahoo.comHow can i attract guys to myself? i'm pretty but i guess i just dont know how to deal with guys?
Practice makes perfect. We have to crawl before we walk. With that in mind...start little by little. You will become an expert soon enough.
relax, be confident. no guy will look twice at a girl who is confused. just be confident, believe in yourself. every person is genetically programmed to find a partner. if u be confident then nature will take its course.

all the best
your obviously not that pretty, you mite think your pretty, but thats ok, as long as you think that...everyone else thinks your ugly...
you need to be yourself. trying to attract guys will only provide crazy horny bastards that want someone to abuse. they'll think that you are desperate and they'll treat you any kind of way. i know how you feel. wait, be patient, it'll come. work on other more important parts of yourself and they may attract the guy of your dreams.
hey ... what's up petty girl ... can reach a guy's heart ??

dont worry i will tell you :

1- do the things that you know a guy is happy to see it

2- wear clothes well :)

3- memorize the guy that you think you like him.. his age his birthday and he will know you like him

4- make up and style are your weapons

5- talk in girls like talk , in ';soft'; way not like guys talkin

6- donot make things bcoz other girls do it

just be what you are , be your self

i hope you will get your guy :)

but give me '; the best answer and i will thank you dear ';

god bless you pretty girl
Why don't we do this. Why don't you put up a pic of you and let us (Q%26amp;A particpants) judge your looks on a scale from 1-10. If you pass the test, then we know it's not your looks. What do you say?
They are probably already attracted to you, but may be shy about showing it. A lot of nicer guys are afraid of coming across as aggressive jerks with a pretty (or smart, or interesting) girl, so we hold back.

When guys show signs of wanting to talk to you, be responsive; let folks see that you're not going to shoot them down in flames for being interested.

This includes being nice to the guys you are just not interested in: a gentle, pleasant, KIND turn-down gives you a reputation as an approachable person. A mocking, nasty, cruel rejection gives you a reputation as a nasty and untouchable b*tch who thinks she's all that! Only be mean to the genuine jerks: the egotistical jocks, the players (or wannabe players, the predators going down a grade or two to find easy prey.
Something tells me that with that attitude, its no surprise that you'll remain single ';super b';.

Anyway to the original poster: you have to be yourself. Do not try too hard to be someone else- people can smell desperation a mile away.

Find whats good about you, what makes you tick, what are your likes and dislikes. For someone else to like you, you have to like yourself first. Try and improve your self-confidence, go out and get some hobbies. Try getting into something new that you can talk about and form interesting conversation with guys about- maybe footbal, cars etc- something that makes you unique and different from the other girls.

Last of all, appear approachable. Smile, make eye contact and be willing to listen to the guy.

All the best :)
feel confident. smile. show your talents as guys get attracted to girls who are talent package. guys love eating, so a girl can prepare nice food for him.take genuine interest in him and he's all yours.... :-)
Learn about yourself. Examine your own interests and find out what is important to you, what you like, music, sports, etc.

Go to places that highlight your interests.

Do things you feel confident doing.

Now you have something to talk about.

Something to break the ice with.

You will attract guys if you look like you are loving life, the kind of guys you want to meet, ones that share your interests.
  • gray hair
  • hair cutting
  • How to deal with a 'pickup artist'?

    Does anyone know of a website of any kind that shows women how to deal with guys that are 'pickup artists'? How can you deflect his game once you pick up on it so you don't become manipulated?How to deal with a 'pickup artist'?
    If you suspect the guy you are talking to is only in it for the game, the best thing to do when he makes his offer is say no. What more do you need?How to deal with a 'pickup artist'?
    Hahaha why? That's lame of you. He is not hypnotizing you or anything, all it is is they change their personality to become more appealing, sort of like a guy acting like a 'bad boy' and girls get naturally attracted to the person, it's not like it's a false attraction.

    How do I deal with guys who want sex?

    The guys I met in university were decent and they wanted to get to know me and befriend me based on who I was and talked to me about the issues that were important to me. But 98% of the guys that I meet outside of university only want sex. How do you tame them?How do I deal with guys who want sex?
    Uh, say no?How do I deal with guys who want sex?
    basically once you have sex with them they will shut up
    tell them ur having that time of the month.... a period .. they back of them self
    umm have sex with them???
    yeah right. %100 of guys want sex. there is no taming us unless you get us hooked. then we do as you say. yes honey.
    At this state in a man's life, the testosterone is running so high that anything short of a cattle prod won't have much of an effect on them.
    You do not tame them. You tell them NO. They should respect you and your decisions.
    Hunny, that's going to happen your entire single life. There are always going to be guys out there who just look for the next lay. Not that there aren't women out there the same way, because there are. Just tell them you're not interested, and they probably won't be interested in you anymore either. But look, if that's all they want, they aren't worth wasting your time over.
    Try to dress conservative. Show no cleavage and little leg wear loose fitting clothes that cover up your figure.

    Watch what you say. Accept nothing; Do not let the buy you a drink soda, lunch dinner or anything.

    Try not the lead them on; Basically try NOT to be a prick tease.

    walk away. tell them to leave you alone.....

    How do you deal with guys your not interested in?

    ive got some guy texting me.. and i never respond but he keeps texting me... i only met him twice.

    im really non-confrontational person so ive just been ignoring him

    then another guy at my works keeps hitting on me and i try to tell him to go away and try to be mean but i duno what to do . to get these weirdos away.. How do you deal with guys your not interested in?
    the work guy is a no-brainer. You should formally file a complaint with the HR department or manager. They'll take it very seriously and he'll either be fired or knock it off. Your only other option in a situation like this is to make a big scene (ie yelling ';LOOK MAN WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, IM NOT INTERESTED, YOURE NOT GOOD LOOKING'; etc)....and the latter idea doesn't sound up your alley so just complain, that's what managers are for, youre there to work not fight off boneheads who dont get the hint. (fight for your rights)

    With the texter I bet you could have his number blocked. Find out, if you can its probably like $5 and an easy way to deal with it. Otherwise again youll have to confront.

    Ultimately though, it would be good for you to start learning HOW to confront (diplomatically) as otherwise youll continue to run into this barrier in life and waste a lot of time.How do you deal with guys your not interested in?
    i have the same problems!

    you really want nothign to do with them and they just keep trying!! itts sooooooo annoying

    i just stop everything, i started kinda being ';cold'; with them, and thye got the message, then once i told someone and that worked too

    so you can try that

    i know it may sound mean, but its so fustrating

    Thats easy Jane ...

    TEXT back saying piss off this is Janes MAN ...

    Ladies, how should a guy deal with jealousy?

    How should a guy deal with jealousy to make you women happy? It seems like if we don't express it at all, you don't like it because you don't think we care. If we do say something, we are jealous freaks. What should we do?Ladies, how should a guy deal with jealousy?
    The general rule is this:

    Whatever a guy thinks is logical ... is wrong!


    If a lady tells you a problem ...

    she is not looking for a solution ...

    she just needs a listening ear.

    (Logically, a guy would want to solve the problem but that is not the main thing)

    get the idea?

    So, if you feel jealousy about a lady, logically, you would not show it ...

    By applying the INVERSE function ...

    Please show that you are jealous for the lady you love.

    That would make her very happy because you care enough to be jealous. (it is a strange logic for man but it works).Ladies, how should a guy deal with jealousy?
    throw it off cooly but show expressions like it worries u, but don't worry too much!
    The show of your jealousy should not be followed by restrictions and list of DONTS for your woman.

    If you se a guy attracted towards your woman; simply tell her the harms of letting him coming closer to her and then leave it upto her giving her the confidence that you are confident enough of her to handle the situation all by herself. She will fall heads over heals in love with you all over again with this trusting attitude of yours.
    I'm a girl...and boy this is a tricky one! Maybe the best thing to do is to downplay the jealousy when the situation ';warrants'; that you display this emotion. Often by just telling a girlfriend exactly why you are or are not jealous will resolve the situation and make her feel more comfortable about your relationship.
    be jealous..but be reasonable.

    what pisses a girl off is boyfriend being unreasonable when jealous.

    How are you guys dealng with all the swine flu pandimic in egypt?

    my mother is worried, she works as a social worker in school [ekhsa2iya egtima3iya] and she says there is lots of news and news paper articles about the swine flu

    i tell here here in the US, it's not that mentioned.

    it seems to me the government is making it more fearful

    *it's all ';wahm'; to me, since the regular flu killed more people than the swine flu itself %26amp; i was always sick as a child and didn't even get the flu!

    how are you guys dealing with it?How are you guys dealng with all the swine flu pandimic in egypt?
    i pray to God that neither i nor mine catch it .

    but im not scared .

    i fear for those who live or study in overpopulated places .

    i believe that its bark is worse than its bite !How are you guys dealng with all the swine flu pandimic in egypt?
    thats what i've been trying 2 explain 2 these ppl... man they're all so freaked out.

    but normal flue is way worse than swine!!



    my daughter caught swine flu(i'm in the uk) she was really poorly and it affected her asthma. a friend of mine has it and it was no worse than a heavy cold. at worst it's no worse than normal flu. the governments are only panicking because they don't have a vaccination for it and those with vulnerable health issues are the worst affected.
    People are freaking out lol, I think '; its bark is worst than its bite'; as said by above is a good description only 3 deaths till now in Egypt most people who caught it got cured, I know some people myself nth to be afraid of :D
    i know one thing....they are taking it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously!

    its just like any other flu and here they are delaying school!