Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's his deal? GUYS and GIRLS?

So I have been seeing this guy for a month and a half (once every week). After the first date we just clicked and had fun. I saw him this Sat and slept over his place. I have done this before and the only difference with this night was that I asked him “where were we relationship wise” and he asked some personal intense questions too. His answer was that were dating but he is still single, but what I really wanted to know was that if we were only dating each other and if seeing other people was even an option. He already said that he liked me twice, etc but I haven’t really told him how I felt. On that Sunday, after we grabbed something to eat, we went back to his place. I told him I wanted to stay a little bit longer because I didn’t want to go back to my place and because of traffic, but he a lot of things to do so I knew he wanted me to go. So after walking me back to the car and kissing me goodbye he told me to text him when I get back to my place to know that I’m safe, which I did.

Usually we would text each other good night and morning and random funny text or to just to see how things are going. On Monday I texted him asking if he wanted to go to knots sat, but he said he can’t (understandable), then on Tuesday I texted him “sorry for wanting to stay Sunday cause I knew you had things to do” then he replied “don’t worry about it… but I don’t think you should sleep over again (or sleepovers aren’t working, something like that) because you don’t get enough sleep and I don’t wake :/” Ok… after that I texted him “ok then” but an hour later I told him to call my dorm (because he cell doesn’t have reception and my dorm phone can only receive outside calls). He called and we talked for 15 minutes but I got the vib that he wanted to go and that I was bothering him. Today I texted him a little joke, but didn’t get any reply at all, zero textos from him. Is it just me or something is up?? Should I not text him anymore to give him space or what? Its weird cause he was the one all lovey dovey Saturday and Sunday. Am I over thinking it too much?

sorry, I wrote practically an essay.What's his deal? GUYS and GIRLS?
Ok chick. I'm going to be completely honest with you. You are not fun to him anymore. You showed emotion and you appeared needy. Do not text him anymore. When or if he does text you or call you again do NOT mention the fact he hasn't texted or called in a couple days...months...years...etc. And quit making excuses for him. He told you he didn't think it was a good idea for you to sleep over because...he doesn't WANT you to sleep me? You are too good for this. Bottom line is keep ur head up...don't text or call him.. and make sure you dress up everyday...go out and flirt and don't brag about all the men that ask you out...don't mention a whole lot to him about ur personal when you talk to him and see him running back to you. and if he doesn't then you have a good foundation for moving the heck on!What's his deal? GUYS and GIRLS?
Personally i think you should give him some space.. if hes really into you he will text you back.. right now you seem very desperate (no offense)
try avoiding him to see if he chases after you, because sometimes guys act uninterested just so the girl will try harder because it makes them feel good about themselves. but if he doesnt try, then its probably over
hmm. this is a hard one to answer. Some guys are just very confusing. It sounds like he might be seeing more than 1 girl and that's why he doesn't text you back. If you keep getting mixed signals, just step back and let him contact you. If he wonders why you haven't text him, that's a good thing and just tell him you've been busy. Next time you have a real conversation with him, let him know how you feel and what you are looking for. Make sure he is looking for the same thing you are so you don't waste your time. It's important to have the same goals =) If you get another weird vibe from him... I would make that the last conversation and tell him things won't work out. It's better to do that before you get attached. Hope everything works out for the best.

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