Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's the deal? guys only?

my friend of 10yrs is a teacher and taught my cousin for two yrs. she told me that almost everyday for those two yrs he'd bring me up to her and mention how great i am and just literally praising me.. this march we hung out and fooled around, no sex though. just until recently we've been able to have a normal conversation without him bringing up how we can never be together and he'll never marry me... (what's up with that?) constantly texting me informing me his where abouts when he's in my neighborhood or telling me ';dgp'; (don't get pregnant) when i'm just hanging with family... for instance this weekend he texted me almost every night and then laughed at how quickly i responded, when i write back as soon as i get every text.. is he just an ****** or what?What's the deal? guys only?
he is just playing you, stringing you along while stroking his ego. he's not ready for a committed relationship.What's the deal? guys only?
some guys try to flirt by being *** holes. It's how we work. :-)
Same guys think there cool and it is working but I wont think a girl would wont to go with somebody who is also texting/calling her and what he is just really doing is annoying you. He probaly likes you. I think he is just a ****** that just likes you

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