Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DESPERATE What's the deal, Guys please?

I like this guy and we had been kind of seeing each other for 3 months(summer). We hung out everyday and we had been hooking up (everything but sex by his choice ). He was leaving for school and said he promised himself he wouldn't be in a relationship so we didn't officially become a couple. All his friends like me and think I would be great for him, they don't understand why we aren't dating and a few of them have tried to ask me out since he isn't taking the opportunity. I have turned them down cause I'm not interested in them and besides that I don't move from friend to friend. It's been three months and I still think about him everyday. We don't talk as much because things kind of went sour after he choose to just stay friends yet he still tries to contact me from time to time. His best friend still calls me to see how I am and to see when the last time me and this guy have talked. Like he is hoping it works out. What do I do? Was his excuse legit?

It just seems to me that if you truly felt that you should be with someone then you would be instead of putting it on hold for school. HelpDESPERATE What's the deal, Guys please?
He sounds like a mature sensible guy who is focused on what he wants in life and if you can't see this then you are not the one for him. Why should a relationship with you be more important than his life! If you care for someone you let them go and live their life and if its meant to be it will happen. Maybe you should find something to occupy your life so you don't obsess so much about it!DESPERATE What's the deal, Guys please?
Sorry that you've been hurt. Its never nice.

BUT... you don't like the other answers people have given as they aren't what you want to hear. He probably is still contacting you because he thinks your a great girl but don't read anymore into it than that.

The thing about guys is they usually say what they mean and its us girls that do all the reading into know the whole ';what does he really mean???';.

He probably means exactly what he said. He thinks your great, it was nice to hook up over summer but school is what he is doing now, its his priority. Its now time for you to find something (outside of this relationship) that is really important to you in your life and go for it.

The thinking about him everyday will wear off, especially if your busy. Perhaps you should stop or lessen contact with him for a while as that can really help.

Your last sentence said a lot... perhaps he doesn't feel he truly should be with you, at least not at this point in your lives.

You will be happy again... I promise.
he has told you he likes you but not the sameway you like him he isnt playing you he has been truthful he has goals and not looking for a relationship you need to let it go dont make more out of something that isnt thair

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