Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's the big deal with guys not liking to wear bike helmets?

I'm trying to get my husband to start wearing a helmet because our 7 year old just learned how to ride and they bike together but I think he's setting a bad example for our son who is required to wear a helmet. My husband is 28 and he grew up biking without one and refuses to start using one. Why do guys not like wearing helmets?What's the big deal with guys not liking to wear bike helmets?
Good for him. Helmets suck.What's the big deal with guys not liking to wear bike helmets?
they are uncomfortable, and look gay, I agree a 7 year old should wear one but by the time you are a teenager you should have enough control over your bike that you shouldnt need it unless you are racing or freestyling
Your just being female. why is it a big deal to you because your adult husband doesn't want to wear a helmet%26lt;
Funny thing about that.

I grew up without them too.

Back then, no one thought a styrofoam cooler strapped to your head was a good idea.

I think he should concentrate on setting the good examples - the ones that keep your head from hitting things.
Obviuosly he has to grow up a bit more. Age doesn't make you mature. I don't like wearing them because they're uncomfortable and make you look like a mushroom. BUT I wear one every time as an example for my kids. ';Do as I say not as I do!'; doesn't wash with me. Lead by example. Kids won't have an argument if adults do it to. I've also had a concussion after a cycling accident commuting to work, a helmet back then would have helped. It's surprising how little it takes to have a serious accident. Mountain bike tires and street car tracks don't mix well.
I wouldn't wear one either. I'll take my chances with no helmet.
Yeah, bike helmets can make a guy look stupid. But permanent brain damage from a simple bike crash can make you BE stupid.

Tell him to man up and set a good example for his kid.

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