Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do you guys deal with teenagers who don't do as they are asked?

Whenever I ask my kids to do things they take ages to do it or simply just pretend they did not hear. It's driving me mad. I got essays to do and they are being such idiots!How do you guys deal with teenagers who don't do as they are asked?
It is normal. But...I would restrict them from things that they like if they don't do it in a given time. If it doesn't work, next time they want something or want to go somewhere then I would take ages myself. Even dinner, just sit and do your essays, when they complain that they are hungry, just tell them that you want to know what it is like to be a teenager since they feel you don't understand them. Be prepared to cook that dinner shortly after your threat though. Food always makes teenagers wake up real fast.How do you guys deal with teenagers who don't do as they are asked?
Cut their pocket money, and tell them that in future they will do chores for that money. Tell them also that if they want to be treated as big boys and girls (or adults if teenagers) that you would appreciate them speaking to you in civil and decent manner.

Thank you, and good luck :)
monkey punch them in the back of the head
Be as awkward as you can in return. That usually makes them see xxx

If they don't do what they are asked to do, no pocket money. If they still don't do it, they get grounded.

If they still don't do it, their TV gets locked away.

And, if they still don't do it, their TV, iPod, Playstation etc. gets put into the bin...
Tell them once. Then give them a reasonable time limit to do it in - if not done, ground them for the day to home with no computer, video games or tv. Should only take a few times for them to understand you mean it.
I know just how your feel and my son is only 11 years of age. It is so annoying, you just end up feeling as though you are constant nagging at them and then you just do it yourself.

I suppose I was like it, with my parents. My mother was always asking me to tidy my room and if I didn't do it, she would come in and do it, but put all the things on my bed, so I had to shift them, before I went to sleep. After a few times, I learned it was quicker just to tidy it myself.

I now bargain with my son and explain that if he wants me to anything for him, then he has to do jobs for me. I have refused to cook him dinners and make him drinks, until he has done a certain job. It starts an argument and I have to walk away, sometimes in another room to calm down, but I still return and stick to my guns. He has learned now that I mean business.

try and keep calm and stick to your guns. They will learn in the long run, ( i did ) and just think that, when they have kids, the whole cycle will go round again.
I have a couple different strategies, depending on the situation. Sometimes I keep repeating myself, in like a robot voice, as expressionless as possible. This only works with simple sentences like ';take out the trash';, etc.

Sometimes I put a real overly-sweet voice on, like I'm talking to a little baby.

If I ask them to do something, go back later and it's not done and they're playing with something (say a gameboy), I just walk in without saying anything and take the gameboy away. Then I keep it for a day or two.

One time, one of them had been really bad at this. So, at dinner that night, every time they asked me to pass them something, I said yes but then didn't do anything else. Boy! Was that a wake up call!

Keep telling yourself ';This too shall pass.'; Good luck!
I say things like ';next time you're down stairs will you empty the kitchen bin for me please ?'; ie I respect what they're doing and that they may not want to do it immediately but I'm pointing out that it needs doing soon.

Teenagers always seem to have the notion that tomorrow will be okay ... and, of course, tomorrow never comes !! So put a time limit on things or ask for it to be done today, tomorrow etc ... for example, ';what are you up to tomorrow? would you have time to help me with ... please?';

As for the not hearing bit - make them repeat what you have just said to them, that way they have NO excuse!

Just remember - it's just a stage and, hopefully (!) they will grow out of it !!!!!

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