Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to deal with an annoying person?

Baiscally, my ';friend'; and I got into a fight.

He said he wanted to flirt with me and I said no, leave me alone. I told my other friend (a guy) and he got jealous and said, ';You Tell him everything!! i hate you %$^#';

Now, he hates me, calls me bad words, and puts me down.

I finally flipped him off but nothing seems to work, he talks about me behind my back.

I don't want to talk to any adults, but what should I do?How to deal with an annoying person?
you should tell him to **** off and then start a rumor about him OR even better you shoudl flirt with him and lot and get him to send u a picture of his dick, then take the pic and show everyone!!! and make sure u tell him u wanna see it while it's soft so it looks smaller and u can make fun of it.How to deal with an annoying person?
I usually deal with annoying people by ignoring them and by being strong and confident. Your real friends wouldn't believe him and he'll just wind up raggin' on himself.

Ignore him - words can only hurt you if you let them; are many more important things to worry about!

first you should realize that you should care not what ANYONE thinks or says about you. short of them putting their hands on you, why should you care what someone else says about you? They don't pay your bills, do they? They don't have sex with you, do they? They don't own you, do they? well, why worry? When you get older you will see what someone says doesn't really matter. It only matter when there is action. talk is can buy it by the bag at kmart
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