Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do guys deal with break ups?

Say you only dated under 6 months. Would you have regrets and mope for a bit, or get out there and party to take your mind off? ThanksHow do guys deal with break ups?
Never regret anything, always look forward, the past is gone; what's next?How do guys deal with break ups?
Try to do the second thing. But if it was serious it would not be easy. all depends on the involvement in the relationship.
Depends on how much u loved the girl and whose fault it was. But if ur a playa, who dust care, then ur not guna care lol.
i would prolly take it horrible. i am very close to my girlfriend
I was with a girl for 6 months almost exactly, when we broke up i was like ahh and being all mopey..

After about a month maybe I started talking to other girls but only started actually getting involved with other girls after two months, all i can say is some guys handle it harder then others, mostly depending on how hard the guy was in love with the girl and how many girlfriends he has had in his life, if he didn't have many then it will be harder for him, as a guy that has had tons of girlfriends will already be familar with the feeling of brakeup..
Id mope around for a bit, maybe a couple weeks, hang out with friends, friends help you keep your mind off of your problems,

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