Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do you guys deal with rejection?

I'm just interested to see how different people deal with it. 10Points for best answer =]How do you guys deal with rejection?
Alright the last time i got rejected I actually called up a lot of my friends male and female and we had a HUGE party... Yea thats how I get over things is to party. Some people brought guitars and drums and the works. We had a huge bon-fire and road dirt bikes and fourwheelers all night... We also got pretty drunk during this as well so it became even more stupid fun... I am a crazy party guy who likes to drink and have a good time so what better time to do it after a bad break-up or rejection? am i right? Oh and the funny thing was that the night at the party I met another girl that i ended up dating and sleeping with that night... Thats the best rejection story I have gotHow do you guys deal with rejection?
I just move on. It's all you can do really. I'm not going to shoot myself or cut myself. You'll be rejected many times in life.
when it comes to rejection, you just need to be understanding, its reasonable to ask why they reject u, but theres no need to be nosy and angry when rejected. usually its best to accept the fact and move on, theres plenty of people in the world who might be better suited for u.
Simple......move on and find someone better (and yes, there is ALWAYS someone better out there to find).
I get sad for a little while, maybe for the rest of the day if it's bad. It really depends on how long I've liked/flirted with the girl, and the feelings I had for her. I deal with it by playing my guitar, playing sad songs for awhile, and I usually get over it in the next couple of days.
as john west will say, rejection leads to perfection.

so the more u get rejected, the more u can perfected on it. so its a good thing. u will get immuned to rejection later, as u get rejected so much, then nothing matters, just learn from it. and next time don't do what u did. then after u will be the chick magnet. as u are no longer scared to approach girls, and girls like confident guys... so there u go. its a good thing...
Well, no easy way..just thank God I knew it earlier than after being committed and all. And there is still hope and I will eventually find someone better...its a big ocean out there...don't cry over a small fish...LoL
don't stop there, keep the wheels rolling. a car never gets where its going by staying still. that goes for people to.
I really don't know how to deal with it. I posted a question on how to deal with it and you answered it for me. It doesn't seem to work to move on when you are falling in love with that person. It really sucks to just be rejected and left alone with no one. Like me for example, I don't have many friends and my family sucks. I was rejected and I have no one but myself to talk to and try to understand. It hurts even worse when the person likes you back, but thinks the relationships would be weird. For more details, just check out my question. IM me if you would like. I just need someone to talk to. This makes me depressed.
Do not pray from God that give you what you like,

But pray that God give u what you deserve...

May you Deserve much than u want...?
Hi.Its like your heart broken.But like the good story ends,There are plenty of Fish in the sea,and land.:).

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