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How do guys deal with a woman's period?

I mean, women know how to deal, where not to mention, are ok with it. but what do guys think/feel? I want to know please!How do guys deal with a woman's period?
I know she feels rundown and I try to help her as much as I can. I know she feels very flu like and I know she does not have her normal high tolerance of my goofy nature, so I try to fly right for a week or so. Very hard to do by the way! I keep a running chart in my head of her cycle so I can know when the period is starting up. Its part of her so I don't see it as something to hide from. Its as natural as sleeping or eating or any thing else. I still cant help saying ';Have a happy period'; when she mentions that she is starting to feel premenstrual.That always sets her off. She says that commercial was written by men, and I'm sure it was. %26lt;vbg%26gt;

DBHow do guys deal with a woman's period?
If she gets angry during her period: do NOT talk. Give her chocolate (not like an expensive box, or anything. She probably wouldn't care, and the more the better. $2 bags of something from a drug store would be awesome)

After she gets it, sit and shut up. Anything you say will give her a headache. You'll get yelled at for simply speaking.

If she's just emotional, and freaking out... again, do not talk very much. But talk about something happy, or watch a movie...Again, chocolate is your friend.

Other then that, just try and stay away from her for a while, the week before is acually the worst. (pms)

And remember she probably doesn't like how she acts either.

I know I get angry at myself for being so angry XD
In short... we try not to. Let me give you an old irish song, passed down from generation to generation, to help you understand =)

Lad, it's your duty to find ye a lass

With child-bearing hips and a pink, supple a*ss

And make her your wife and love her with love so true

Now some rivers run high, some rivers run low

When her river runs red, then she's starting her flow

And it's called menstr'ation, and here's what it means to you

You will notice her bloomers are spotty at first

Stand back 鈥?her ovarian dam's gonna burst

Son, don't be afraid, it's a natural t'ing

Just wad up some cotton and hand her some string

Put the old linens on top of the bed

Get out of the house and go down to the old pub instead

She'll retain her water, her breasts will be tender

And every third word that you say will offend her

Get out of the house and go down to the old pub instead

And she'll want to make love 鈥?if you do, you're a fool

'Cause you'll only end up with a bloody O'Toole

Get out of the house 鈥?down to the old pub instead

And she'll want you to sample the fruit of her loins

But son, it'll taste like some old rusty coins

So turn off the light, boy, and take off your hat

And drop to your knees, say a prayer to Saint Pat

Then he'll give you the strength to get out of the bed

And for Ireland's sake, go down to the old pub instead

Now the pub is the place where the lads are a-meetin'

When the moon's full and the gals are a-bleedin'

The Catholic, the Protestant, even the pagan

The pub is the place when your lady is raggin'

So drink of your pint, boys, and thank your shamrocks

That as menfolk we don't have to bleed from our cocks

And that we can escape from the lady in red

And get out of the house and go down to the old pub instead
My man is fine with it as any man should be, its a natural part of a womans life and its unavoidable. so dont worry. If your guy wants to have sex with you, ya'll still can if you choose to but otherwise ya'll will just have to wait the 5 days, its no big deal. take something if you are bloated or moody or crampy. It will be over with in no time.

You are really the one who has to ';deal'; with it, not him.

If a guy doesnt like it then that guy is just an immature kid and needs to grow up.
well wen my gf friend is on her period

i ask er wen it ends and then just take watever she throws at me and think itll all be worth it after shes done

but also my gf has these random horny moments when shes on her period and she HAS to do stuff

so i dont mind when its that Time Of Month

aka. TOM
They cant win. If they comfort you, you want left alone and if they leave you alone, you want comforted. The rattiness and unreasonable behaviour they put up with is amazing. They know when it is and gradually get better at putting up with it.
I don't ever feel like I need to deal with a woman's period. It's a natural thing, just let it run its course and then back to daily sex.

My gf and I sometimes have sex while she is on her period, but it is really not my favorite thing to do.
It depends on who the guy is and how old they are. I'm 21 and my boyfriend of 2 years is not grossed out in the slightest, but if the boy is twelve, THEY DONT WANT TO KNOW YET!! and if the boy is older and not in love with you, its still probably best not to go into detail..
I don't love it but after you have been around it a while I don't really think about it. My woman craves sex when she is on her's and we usually hook up in the shower so it's not messy and it doesn't bother me.
We try and not say anything stupid, leave town, leave state... Mostly try really hard not to do anything stupid... And then usually do... We say nice things... Usually just kinda STAY away! works most of the time, unless the girl is allready mad at you then ur just screwed...

Staying away for the most part and keeping them happy!!!
i don't mind hearing about it, i mean its a natural thing every female has really is not anything that private or gross, its common sense that every girl has their period.
My husband used to work in the yard and bring me coffee in bed. Now I take estrobalance and there is nothing to worry about or have to deal with.
to be completely honest, most guys would **** a girl on their period anyway, as long as he's wearing a trashbag as a condom and he doesn't have to look at it or touch it
I think guy's learn to deal with it. at first they may be pissed, but once they get to know their girl or sister or w/e they are just like oo man.. they have their period,cuz they are acting like a B****. so yea.
yep, just pull it out, whip it in, whip it out, wipe it off, and push a new one in. wa la like new.
I know my husband doesn't want anything to do with my period. haha. There is really not much he can do about it. It is coming once a month weather he likes it or not.
I do not get why periods are such a big deal, I had a female classmate on hers and she complained a little about the cramps, but was still her nice usual self.
Its a fact of life,

It happens weather or not anyone deals with it..!!

I guess each individual guy is different but most that i know don't really give a **** about it...!!!

They just get on with life..!
You wanna know how?

Milk Commercial anout PMS鈥?/a>

This isnt a bad video at all... Just a very funny way to look at it lol.
I stay drunk for an entire week and often leave town because of how moody and mean my wife becomes while she is on the rag................
Honest answer: Guys are grossed out by the idea of a bleeding vag... but they get over it. I don't think guys are allowed to have an opinion about periods
Unless they wanna go gay they have to deal with it
Most guys think it's really gross and don't like to hear about it. :P
i don't get why it's such a big deal i don't really get moody i forget i have it.
It depends on their maturity level
well i am a guy and when my girlfriend is on her period i think oh great its going to be a long week. but thats just me
It means my bf gets a week of free bj's with no obligations, pretty sweet deal for him.
hahaha, this will be interesting.
I become happy knowing their not preggers.
my boyfriend says he doesnt feel anything about it its just an act of life he even goes to the store to buy tampons for me
I think they just learn to understand that their lady may be off limits for a few days. ;)

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