Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is his deal? Guys?

Ok, I just answered a question that got me thinking about this. My best friend is a guy. We hang out pretty much everyday, and if we don't hang out we talk on the phone for hours. He stands up for me if anyone hurts me in any way. He is an alcoholic and drinks all day everyday, well almost. He gets ticked off very easily and i am the only one who can calm him down.

Now, when he calls or texts and i don't answer back right away he gets mad. usually i am busy when this happens. So i get back to him and explain why i didn't respond. we usually yell and argue, but then we are all cool after a few minutes.

One time i had a couple guys friends and him over to hang out. we were out getting seeds from some morning glories. My best friend, however, didn't want me to do it, but eventually he came over to hold the bag i was putting the seeds in. He was standing behind me and had his arms around my neck. Of course he was drunk at the time.

I had gone inside to get a beverage and he followed and grabbed my arm and told me not to go back out there, to not to get seeds. i said why, im going to anyways. whats the big deal? He just looked at me and i looked at him trying to take my arm back, but he wouldn't let go. The next day when he went home I started thinking. I know I am in love with him. I just don't know how he feels.

What is your take on how he feels just by the information i stated above?What is his deal? Guys?
well it does sound like yall tend to flirt alot with out even noticing....... i think that he does really like you!!!!!!!! if he is drunk all the time sit him down and ask him how he feels towards you and if it turns out that he really likes you he will eventually stop the repeatedly drinking if you ask him to...... and theirs always anger mangement........What is his deal? Guys?
It sounds to me he's a bit unstable. Just don't let his alcoholism turn into violence because from what you've said it sounds like its going down that path.

Maybe get to know him as a sober guy.
wait until the LSA and booze wear off and maybe you wont love him anymore
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