Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How did you guys deal with going back to work after maternity/paternity leave?

I got 2 months off to help take care of my baby - I'm back at work and it's so hard to spend a whole day with out changing a diaper or holding my baby son and giving him kisses. How did you deal with this separation anxiety?How did you guys deal with going back to work after maternity/paternity leave?
I am on lunch and am having a really hard time. My first day was Monday. One thing that does help me is pumping- I feel like I am at least doing something for him. I wear him in his sling, nurse him on demand, and play with our daughter and our other son. I also keep them with us on the weekends. The only events we go to are family babysitters, etc. At night, I sleep with our baby and our 2 year old. That helps me more than them.

This is the second time I have left to go back to work after maternity leave and I have to say: it doesn't get any easier with the number of children.

Just know you are not alone.How did you guys deal with going back to work after maternity/paternity leave?
Good luck! It is so hard to be away. I live for the weekends!

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Lots of pictures! I put them on my desk and look at them when I'm feeling lonely. I also have a video on my blackberry of all 3 of my sons which cheers me up when I'm sad. Also getting to talk to other moms who are dealing with it helps!
it was a little hard at first, but i love my job and i was looking forward to coming back..i like my son in daycare because i like him around other kids, so it works out good for everyone! But I do miss him a ton during the day.
I guess it's different for everyone. I enjoyed my maternity leave but I loved going back to work! I couldn't wait to get back. I guess I didn't miss him so much because I knew he was with my mom and my parents have so much fun taking care of him.
oh its so hard i work nights and get so sad that im not there to put him to bed or see his face and hear the funny noises he makes but it gets a little easier it just takes time i have a video camera on my phone and have lots of recordings of him so when i start to miss him i just watch one of the videos or bring a couple pic's with you... just think your at work to care for him and buy him things Best Wishes!
i'm going back to work on from maternity leave after 3 months and i'm returning the 7th of next month i asked my friends how the coped with it and they told me it was really hard... most of them ended up going back to work part time so it wasn't such a big change for them... i know it's going to be hard.

but i hope it goes well for you.
Miserably!!! I was such a hot mess over it that I haven't gone back yet after 10 and a half months. I joke with people that I'm on a Swedish maternity leave because I'm not planning on returning until he's 14 months and part-time at that. Don't feel bad, my husband says he misses our son all day too. The payoff will be when he gives you that first hug when you come home from work. My son just did that the other day and I could just see my husband melt. It'll get easier.
My fiance really struggled with this too! He was only at home for a month after Caiden was born but found it so hard to go back to work! I just sent him pictures with my cell phone throughout the day and when he came home he spent all his time with him! Hang in there, it'll get easier! Congrats on the baby!
I'm dreading it! I am currently of my second of four weeks off and don't even want to think about it! I work retail so it will be very hard to see the baby sometimes.
Don't worry Brandon, me and Mike are taking good care of Isaac.

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