Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is his deal? guys are so confusing! help.?

So say your hooking up with this guy and then you just sort of stop talking for a week or two and then you figure out he has a ';new'; girlfriend. This is college so you don;t really have girlfriends over-night, it take a while for guys to commit to that. So you talk, figure things out/end things for good (making sure he didnt have a girlfriend WHEN you guys were hooking up even though he still gives no explaination about her). Then randomly he instant messages you about three weeks later and asks if you are staying in college area for winter break and if you are that you guys should ';hang out';. Now you know he is still with his girlfriend, so what the hell does that mean? Does he still like you or what is his deal? The other confusing thing is its not like he really even got any when you would hook up with him, if you know what I mean haha, because if he did then maybe I could see how he just want ';some'; right? k enough rambling.What is his deal? guys are so confusing! help.?
Sweetheart, men are not complicated, we and him are just playing the fields. He and other men are seeding their seeds into any fertile lands. Cupcakes, move on and do what he is doing, start playing the fields. Pathetic if you stay with this loser.What is his deal? guys are so confusing! help.?
im sorry but this guy is just a player i think you should never see him again because he's just going to end up doing the same thing over and over again
My first guess is that he's hoping to get some over the break--or at least wants to practice the spiel he uses to try to get some.
Ask him.
gieve him a chacne i think dont now what the question really is
That guy is a pig and a moron. Find one who won't act like a child and want everything his way.
he is looking for a sucker to cheat on his girlfriend with

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