Monday, August 16, 2010

Married women that have to deal with the ex and other child?

How do you deal with the ex and child Im 21 and I been married for a year now my husband is a wonderful man but I dont know why this bothers me he has another child. How do you guys deal with not being able to have your husband 1st child. He's thinks that im crazy but how would he feel like he was in my situation.Married women that have to deal with the ex and other child?
That's why I hope to end up with a man with no kids. I don't want an instant family and I would rather start my family with him. I can totally understand where you come from. If it bothers you a lot, maybe you shouldn't have been involved with him. At this point in my life, an ex and previous kids is usually a deal breaker for me. I won't consider being serious. Married women that have to deal with the ex and other child?
I know it's hard but you have to put up with it.
my husband is in your situation. and we have many talks about this,,he aches for my daughter to be with him the way that she is with me and her dad..i hate that it hurts him that she's not,but all i can tell him is that i'm sorry but that is just the way that it is..she is 12 yrs old and her dad and i were together until she turned 8.she is very close to both of us,and i wouldn't change that for nothing..the bottom line is this,,that child was there first,and was there when you met and fell in love,,if you had doubts as to whether you could handle it then you shouldn't have married him because regardless of how you feel about it,,the child is never going anywhere..the ex doesn't have to be a part of his life,however because of the child they will have to associate from time to time,it is unavoidable...and straight up,if you love him and want to spend your life with him then you have to make up your mind that this child comes first,,you love him,then love the may not be able to give him his first child but you can give him the rest of his children,and he will love them as much as he does the one he already has..but be sure to always consider the one he has her and treat her right,and you guys will be just fine...good luck.....
omg girl why are so many young woman all about me me me !

you knew he had a child before you married him...what did you think would happen to his child when you came into the pic...get over it you need to remember that when you have a child together his older child will be the older half the right thing and grow up! also remember...he is with you! duh!
You married him knowing he had a child right. You sound just like my soon to be ex-wife. Everything was fine for the three years we dated, then we got married, and then it was a competition between them for time with me. Our marriage therapist suggested that my wife work on being a friend to my daughter not the one handing out punishment, until the two of them accepted each other. The difference is that my daughters mom hasn't been around for 9 years. Good luck
am the same as you am 21 too and have been married just over a year and my hubby has got 5 kids to 2 previous women. at first it was crazy because i always thought when i got married id have my hubbys first child. but hun sometimes you dont get what you want. look at the positive side of this. see how good of a father he is and this will be helpful and contenting to know for when you have your own babies.

its not the end of the world babe trust me, it will pass and before you know it ull be too focused on your own kids and they have an older sibling to play with awww

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