Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How would you deal? Guys answers?

So my girl and I broke up recently, almost a 4 yr though long distance relationship. One factor was that she has a guy friend she kinda liked but didnt act on it and when I came around and we all hung out she had feelings and held them back cause we were together. Well the friend is all torn up cause he feels he was apart of why her and I broke up and it was.

Well after a few wks of not talking we talked tonite and she wants to get back together but then does not cause of what she will be giving up (respect, family, honor) *She is Hindu (modern though from Toronto, Ontario)

We talked of how if can work and one of the factors was I would not be able to deal if her one guy friend was still around and then told me the guy and her did something out of weakness. She regrets it ever happened but wants his friendship.

I blew up, I was not expecting this from her at all.

My question is: Guys how can you deal with what I told you and what would be the next best course of action. Oi!How would you deal? Guys answers?
There is something called forgiveness, which alot of people do not have in their heart, do not follow the advise of others, but you own instint and let you heart lead you.

Good Luck.How would you deal? Guys answers?
I'd cut her the bone(that's me though) cause i've had it happen and it wasn't a long-distance thing either...
I'm not a guy, but the best way to handle this is to listen to your heart. ';We have two strengths that help us live: To forget, forgive, and fatih.'; Use them wisely. If she is worth it, then go for it, but if you feel that there is no way, then don't. Think about your future as well my friend, and make a promise to eachother while you talk that it should only be the truth that both shall say, for if one lies, ';From earth to the heavens, nothing is hidden'; meaning, whatever lie it is, sooner or later it will be undiscovered, and it could be worse later. While you talk, stay serious and talk with the truth. I wish you the best of luck.
I'm not a guy but felt the need to answer anyway.

Best to make a clean break.

When trust is gone from a relationship there can be no relationship. You will always doubt this guy spending time with her, and she will resent that doubt. You will not understand why she resents it... it wil just keep spiralling downwards.

Break now, and let her know that it is final. No cuddles, no chats, no ';let's be friends';, no break up sex... just break up and make it clean and let her know that is what you want.
if she was really ready to startover with you, she would respect your demands and get this other guy out of her life, totally.
Dude, What are you doing?????? First of all, you don't NEED a have to see things for what they are, and when I say ';things'; I mean women. They only want what is best for them and over the centuries a lot of guys fell sucker to their game..Why dwell on one female, especially when she has feelings for someone else. Let me tell you, that feeling she has for that other guy will never go away.

Do you REALLY want to be with a women that was ';weak';???? FYI, they are all weak. Sorry to be harsh but you need to cut that off and move on with your life. Leave her alone and let someone else deal with that headache.

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